3rd DUI offense in Baltimore, Maryland? – What to do

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The DUI law in Maryland is clear. If any individual were stopped and caught driving under the influence with a BAC (blood alcohol level) of equally or greater than .08, they would be charged with a DUI. If the BAC levels are between .07 and .08, they would be detained for DWI (driving while intoxicated). But what if you are on your 3rd DUI Offense in Baltimore, Maryland? DO you know what the DUI penalties in MD are? With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Baltimore Maryland, you can lower your sentence as much as possible, and possibly avoid having to do jail time.

DUI limits

Even if your BAC level is much smaller than .07, you may still be arrested for driving under the influence. The office will observe you carefully before and during the stop and will determine if you can continue driving or not. If you were caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you must contact a Baltimore injury attorney, especially if it’s not your first offense.

The DUI Penalties

Driving under the influence is a crime in Maryland and every other state in the United States. Any Baltimore injury attorney knows that the maximum penalties you can receive are:

  • First offense: 1 year and/or $1000 fine
  • Second offense: 2 years and/or $2000 fine
  • Third offense: 3 years and/or $3000 fine

These can be lowered and even eliminated with the help of your personal injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland. The 3rd DUI offense includes a prior conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol (21-902(b)) or drugs (21-902(c)) or both within five years of your first conviction.

Maryland 3rd DUI offense

The lawmakers of Maryland show little leniency to drivers who repeatedly break the law. That is why in most cases the offenders receive the maximum sentence allowed by the law. There are a few exceptions to this rule and each of them happened with the support of a Baltimore injury attorney.

If you are convicted a third time for a DUI, you may have to serve time in addition to the $3000 fine. You may also lose your driver’s license permanently, even if your job depends on your capability to drive. You can argue in court your case with the help of a personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland.

Get the legal help you need

Drinking and driving is a grave offense in Maryland. If you are now facing a third offense, you should act responsibly and get the help of a Baltimore injury lawyer. You need to have someone who knows the state and the federal laws, as well as the results of other cases if you want to increase your chance of lowering your sentence or even dismissing it. Don’t let a DUI conviction turn into something irreparable and let someone help you.

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