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Annapolis Injury Attorney Chris Beard is an Annapolis, MD Lawyer with over 35 years of experience. Chris has been given an A/V® rating by Martindale Hubbell®, the highest possible rating for his legal ability and ethics. He was also awarded the Maryland “Super Lawyer” designation by Baltimore Magazine and Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine in every year from 2012 to 2016.

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A Word from Chris:

During the last thirty-nine years, I have been engaged in the general practice of law and, in particular, the litigation of civil and criminal cases in the District and Circuit Courts. Initially much of the work involved criminal, personal injury and domestic cases, including many families with modest financial resources.

During the 1980s, I began practicing law in Annapolis, Maryland assisting the general counsel for the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Anne Arundel Community College. At that time, I appeared in court on a variety of educational matters and providing the defense of workers’ compensation claims made against the school system. I was also assigned cases by the firm for which I worked to defend various cases for MAIF and Underwriters Insurance Co. including jury trials.

Starting in the mid-1980s, I began to devote much of my practice to private clients. I was also a panel attorney for the Public Defender’s office. In 1991, I was appointed Hearing Examiner by Anne Arundel County Board of Education and I have heard numerous contested matters in that capacity. I also served as a legal advisor to the local school board on several occasions when it heard contested matters. In addition, I served as the chair of the Annapolis Board of Appeals in 2004 for which I was a member for five years until 2006.

Since 2001, I have had a larger variety of cases in advance civil litigation with significantly larger negligence actions involving a variety of accidents, including electrocution, electric shock, and electrical explosion, which have continued to be a major part of my practice.

Firm Concentrations

Wrongful Death

Suffering the loss of somebody you love is a tremendous pain. We understand it very well that the financial aspects are the last thing on your mind right now, but only by achieving closure you can start to heal. And if you have lost somebody you love because of another’s party negligence (medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, traffic accident, work-related accident, etc.) you need to bring the responsible party to justice so that you can get closure. Find out if you are entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim and what we can do to help ease the burden on your shoulders.

Worker’s Compensation Law

Maryland’s workers’ compensation law exists to protect people like yourself against negligent employers who value their budgets more than they value your life. There are a number of work-related accidents that can lead to severe consequences and impact your life. From diseases associated with daily exposure to certain chemicals and repetitive motion injuries to slip-and-fall and construction site accidents, we have experience in getting justice for our clients and preventing negligent companies from repeating the same mistake over and over again. A work-related accident should not be treated lightly, and we are here to make sure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. Discover your rights, what types of financial compensation you should receive and how to pursue a workers’ compensation claim with our help.

Electrocution Law

Did you know that over 400 people suffer electrocution-related deaths in the USA annually? There are also many more people that get injured by it and, most of the time, this happens because somebody was negligent. It could be a defective product, a work hazard or the municipality’s fault, but, either way, most of the times somebody is to blame. We have specialized in Maryland’s electrocution law and have made it our mission to protect people like yourself by fighting for your rights. Find out when you have a valid claim and what kind of compensation you are entitled to if you have been the victim of an electrocution accident.

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Personal Injury

There are many aspects to consider when deciding to pursue a personal injury claim and we have the experience and the valuable insight to deal with every single one of them. Most people don’t even know that they are entitled to compensation in case of specific personal injuries, but this is why we are here: to help you fight for your rights. From medical malpractice to assault and injuries caused by hazards on premises, we have specialized in dealing with difficult cases and achieving excellent results. Discover more about the various kinds of personal injuries, how to handle insurance companies and how to receive the financial compensation that will ease the burden on your shoulders and allow you to focus solely on getting better.

Annapolis Family Lawyer

With over 30 years of experience and crucial know-how regarding Maryland’s divorce law, we are among the best family lawyers in Annapolis. From divorce matters such as mediation, property and assets division, alimony, child custody and support to prenuptial agreements, domestic violence issues, same-sex family law matters and family law appeals, we offer a full range of services. Discover more about the legal specifics of your situation and what you should do in case you and your spouse have decided to go on separate ways.

Traffic Law

The traffic law in Maryland is among the strictest in the country and, when you find yourself on its wrong side, it will cost a lot. Regardless of the severity of the traffic violation (be it a simple speeding ticket or a more severe incident), you need to take control of the situation in order to minimize the damage. We have been defending our clients’ rights for 30 years now, and we know how to deal with a traffic violation so that it doesn’t end up impacting your whole life. Find out what you need to avoid when dealing with a traffic violation in Maryland and how we can be of help.


Discover what is the difference between DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) from the legal point of view and what you should never do if you are pulled over by an officer and asked to submit yourself to a field sobriety test. In case you have already been charged with a DUI/DWI offence, don’t waste any time and give us a call. We know how to fight for your rights and how to prepare an excellent strategy that may help you put this bad situation behind you.

Annapolis Divorce Lawyer

There is a big difference between an uncontested and contested divorce, but one thing is certain – you need to have somebody in your corner that has your best interest in their minds. The best divorce lawyer in Annapolis is the one that speaks human and understands how difficult a divorce is. Our approach is to firstly try to mediate the divorce and get a settlement that satisfies you, but, in case there is no room for negotiations, we are prepared to take this to court and fight for what it is important to you. Find out more about our approach and contact us to get a free consultation.

Annapolis Criminal Lawyer

The criminal law in Maryland is known for its vast number of criminal statutes that are separated into two categories: misdemeanours and felonies. What makes us unique in our branch is that we understand that no criminal offense is unimportant and that, regardless of the mistake, one always deserves a second chance. We apply this principle to our work, and it shows: we have had countless successful cases along the way. In case you are facing a criminal charge, you shouldn’t waste any time. Call us immediately and allow us to design the strategy for your defence, based on the valuable insights we have gathered over the years and our strong principles regarding human freedom.

Annapolis Social Security Disability Attorney Maryland

There is a big difference between SSD (Social Security Disability) and SSI (Social Security Income) and you need to find out which of these two claims you can pursue. In our experience, many clients that decide to apply for SSD on their own, get denied because they don’t fully comprehend the legal aspects of the application process. If your claim has been denied, don’t worry. We are here to help build your case and design a custom powerful appeal strategy. In case you haven’t filled your claim yet, it is even better because we can help you get it right on the first try. Find out if you qualify for an SSD and contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Review By Kate C.

Strongly Recommend Him

Chris Beard is a lawyer you can trust. Any doubts? Call him up and talk to him. He will get right to the point. He keeps a low overhead so you are not paying exorbitant prices. He has had so many experiences that he can connect the dots very quickly–he’s seen it all. (Your situation will not throw him off in the least.) Best of all, he knows “everybody” and how things work, and he knows how to get things resolved by avoiding court. Call him up just to talk. You’ll see what I mean more quickly than any review could convince you.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars