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Product defect claims in Maryland tend to be complicated and there are many factors that can contribute to the final result. Depending on the defective product and what evidence you have available, you will most likely reach a settlement with the person/entity liable for the defect. But what happens when negotiations fail?

Well, in this situation you usually have two options: go into arbitration or go to trial. This option has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to the overburdened court system in the United States. If the case goes into arbitration, an arbitrator will listen to what both sides have to say and decide on who is liable for the accident.

How arbiters are chosen and how does this process differ from a standard lawsuit?

First things first, after you’ve suffered your product defect injury you should contact your attorney from Maryland to file your claim. You should contact them as soon as possible after the accident. In Maryland there is a statute of limitation in which you can file your claim. If you file the claim after this period, it will be dismissed and you will not receive defective products compensation in Maryland.

Let’s presume that the negotiations fail and the case goes into arbitration.

In the initial stage, both your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer decide on an arbitrator. Both parties will provide a list with potential choices and they will be eliminated one-by-one until both sides settle on an arbiter. Arbitrators are most of the time independent and offer their services on their own. Most arbitrators have many years of experience working with this type of cases and most of them are former judges or attorneys. Hiring an arbitrator requires a fee, which is usually a percentage of the settlement.

For some arbitration sounds better than a lawsuit

Your defective product lawyer from Maryland knows that this type of cases can become very complex if they go to court, as they require a lot of evidence in terms of strict liability, warranty, and negligence. You have to also take into consideration the Maryland product liability laws and that many corporation have a lot of money to invest in supporting their interests. Your product defect attorney from Maryland can help gather the evidence you need to win the case in court, negotiate a settlement and even represent you in the arbitration stage.

For others the lawsuit may be better

For example, if a defective product was manufactured in large numbers and as a result many people were injured, the case can become a class lawsuit. This means that more people will be represented in court by the same lawyer which will prove the negligence and liability of the manufacturer/ designer/ retailer (and others from the chain of distribution).

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