Benzene Exposure In Maryland – Toxic Torts Lawsuit

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Benzene exposure in Maryland should not be treated lightly. Benzene is a chemical compound that can cause severe health problems and it is used in the manufacturing of many rubber and plastic products. You can also find it in gasoline, oil, vehicle emissions, as well as cigarette smoke. Basically, you can be exposed to benzene in your house, at your workplace, outside or even by drinking contaminated water or beverages. Usually, benzene in the air is at a low level and doesn’t affect people, unless we are talking about a highly polluted air. Due to recent regulations, most companies that produce items capable of polluting your house with benzene (such as detergents, glues, paint and furniture wax), have developed ways of reducing or even eliminating the benzene content in their products. But what do you do when you suffer a benzene exposure at your workplace?

Effects of exposure to benzene

When you breathe benzene over a long period of time, you are at risk of suffering from:

  • Aplastic anemia – a life-threatening and severe form of anemia
  • Infertility & disruption of the menstrual cycle
  • Immune system damage
  • Cancer – particularly leukemia

If somebody is exposed to high levels of benzene for a short while they can also die because benzene in high levels is very toxic.

Toxic Torts Lawsuit In MD

You should know that the OSHA (Occupational Health & Safety Administration) has regulated the amount of allowed benzene in the air for workplaces. Besides that, it is stated that employers should constantly monitor the levels of benzene exposure by testing their employees. Unfortunately, these regulations are not always respected and people get to suffer. Contacting a personal injury lawyer from Maryland and starting a toxic torts lawsuit in MD against your employer should be a priority if you have been exposed to benzene at your workplace. As any Annapolis injury attorney will tell you, there are three typical claims in a benzene – related case people usually choose to receive toxic torts compensation in Maryland.

  • You can bring a product liability claim against the manufacturer that produced the items you use in your workplace. For example, if you work in a plastics factory, your claim can be against the manufacturer of a certain chemical used to make plastics.
  • You can bring a claim against your employer for not providing you with a safe workplace environment.
  • You can bring a claim against both the manufacturer and the employer. In this case, the manufacturer will be the one who provided the protective equipment that failed to protect you from benzene exposure.

Annapolis Injury Lawyer

Benzene exposure can have dramatic consequences. This is why the government tries to protect the citizens from it. But when other people don’t care about your safety or health, you need to fight back and get in touch with a personal injury lawyer from Maryland. Only with the help of a highly experienced Annapolis injury attorney you can recover toxic torts compensation in Maryland. Contact the best Annapolis injury lawyer at (443) 569-3950 or by email at [email protected] and receive a 100% free evaluation of your case.

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