Bicycle injury rate in Maryland and the consequences

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You are probably wondering how serious of a problem bike accidents and injuries related to bike accidents in Maryland are. Unfortunately, they are too common. The Maryland administration is working on lowering the number of cycling accidents. It is estimated that in the US more than half a million bike accidents are taking place each year, five percent of which result in serious injuries and hospital stays. The bicycle injury rate in Maryland is proportional to the national rate. If you were the victim of a bike accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Maryland and receive bicycle injury compensation in Annapolis.

The helmet is crucial

Researchers have determined that a cyclist who is not wearing their helmet is 14-15 times more likely to suffer a fatal wound in a bicycle accident. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of the brain injuries resulted from a bike accident could have been prevented if the rider wore a helmet. Most of the people who suffer a bicycle fall injury in MD are males, with an average age of 40. With the help of an Annapolis injury lawyer, you can file for your bicycle injury claim and prove the liability of the person who is at fault.

What is more stunning is that bike and car collisions account for only one of three bicycle accidents. At the same time, the majority of car-bike collisions are fatal for the cyclist.

Aggravating factors for bike injuries

Bicycles don’t offer much protection in a crash. There are almost no protections for bicyclist. That is why it is recommended to wear a helmet. If you take part in a bike accident, you are likely to suffer head and brain injuries. Most of the time, the cyclists will prioritize aerodynamics and speed rather than safety. If a cyclist collides with a vehicle, they will get knocked off the bicycle into the street, coming in contact with a hard surface.

Most of bike accidents happen in the busier areas in Maryland, where there is a lot of traffic. If you suffered a bicycle fall injury in MD, you should contact an Annapolis injury attorney to help you with your case. Most of these accidents happen because the bike is less visible than other vehicles.

The consequences?

The majority of the bicycle-car collisions will end up with broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries result from the external force, and these can range from a simple concussion to permanent traumatic brain injuries. You can recognize a contusion from its symptoms, such as headaches, sensitivity to light and lack of concentration. The severity of your brain injury will determine the healing time.

Fractures and breakes are very common in Maryland accidents. Because of the heavy vehicle colliding with a small bicycle, most people suffer multiple breaks and fractures. Individuals who suffer a bicycle fall injury in MD have multiple breaks and fractures, mostly to the wrists, elbows and knees. The legs usually suffer injuries as a result of being hit by the vehicle or from the contact with the pavement. Contact your Annapolis injury attorney to aid you with your injury claim.

 Another type of injuries resulted from a car-bicycle collision can leave someone permanently disables. Spinal cord injuries can leave a person paralyzed, as well as back and neck injuries. If you or a loved one wants to file for bicycle injury compensation in Annapolis, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Maryland and get the representation you need.

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