Birth Injury Caused By A Delayed C-Section in Maryland – Should You Get An Attorney?

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The decision to postpone C-section when there is a problem, is, perhaps, one of the most dangerous decisions a doctor can take. When the doctor doesn’t recognize the need for an emergency C-section or takes too long to get started, both the mother and the infant go through severe risks. A delayed C-section can result in a serious birth injury or even death.

Why may a C-section be needed?

There are a couple of reasons that make a C-section necessary. If there is a problem with the placenta or if the uterine ruptures, the doctor needs to act immediately and perform an emergency C-section. The same goes for the situations when the child is in breech position, the umbilical cord has prolapsed or if the doctor notices any fetal distress. There are also other cases that make an emergency C-section necessary, depending on the mother’s and the baby’s health.

Birth Injuries Caused By A Delayed C-Section

If the doctor fails to recognize the danger or postpones the C-section, both the mother and the infant can suffer irreparable damage.

The lack of oxygen during labour can cause the baby to develop brain damage, cerebral palsy or even autism. The baby can also suffer physical injuries because of a delayed C-section and can even experience further delays in physical development.

Birth Injury Law in Maryland

The usual protocol, recommended by the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, is to perform an emergency C-section in 30 minutes after the decision was taken. However, there are situations when the time for an emergency C-section should be much shorter.

According to the birth injury law in Maryland, the doctor’s failure to recognize the need for an emergency C-section can be considered malpractice. If you ask any birth injury lawyer from Maryland, they will tell you that it is your right to seek compensation in case your child has been hurt during labour by medical negligence. For example, a couple of years ago, a woman named Cathy D’Attilo was sent home by her doctor after a routine visit even though her amniotic fluid was reduced significantly. As a consequence of her doctor’s failure to acknowledge the danger, the baby was born with irreversible brain damage. She sued for birth injury and was awarded a birth injury settlement of $58 million.

We understand that no financial compensation can actually compensate for the injuries your child has sustained. But we can help you get a birth injury settlement in MD that will offer you the means to properly take care of your baby. With a lot of experience in handling difficult cases, we can offer you our expertise and together we can design a strategy that will get justice for you and your baby.

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