Can I get reimbursed for the repairs I make? – Car accident injury lawyer in Maryland

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Some people try to limit the costs following a car accident. Some of these efforts may include making repairs to the car after the accident hoping they get reimbursed after contacting their car accident injury lawyer from Maryland. The question here is: can you be reimbursed for the repairs in the same way a repair would be reimbursed? The answer is a little bit complicated. The first thing you should do after the car crash is contact your car accident injury attorney from Maryland, explain to them what happened, and file an injury claim against the negligent or liable person to get compensation.

Property damages claims

After the car accident, you have at your disposal two types of measurable damages: medical claims and property damages. The property damages may be easier to prove and thus more easily settled. But in order for this to happen, you will have to follow a specific process which is required by the insurance companies for proving claim and receiving compensation. Your legal adviser can help you deal with this bureaucracy and help you get compensated.

Receive an estimate

Before doing any repairs on your car, you have to get your car looked at by an adjuster to give you an estimate. This step is required by the insurance companies so they have proof of the damages. The adjuster will also assist in your settlement negotiation and will help the insurance company give you fair property damage compensation. Usually, insurance companies will insist on using their own adjuster, but this person may offer you a lesser amount. Luckily you are free to use your own adjuster which can be provided to you by your personal injury lawyer from Maryland. Get the paperwork from the adjuster and always keep it with you throughout the whole process.

When repairs are necessary

Sometimes there is nothing you can do but to ask a professional to repair your car. In this situation, you have to follow the specific procedures your insurance company has.  If you have a lease on your car, the compensatory check will not be in your name, as you don’t own the car in reality.

Can I fix my car?

Before making any decision you should consult with your personal injury lawyer from Maryland and determine what your next step should be. You are legally permitted to fix your own car. And if the damage is not that significant and you can fix them by yourself, then you can keep the money the insurance company paid you. It is crucial to determine the extent of the damage that was inflicted to your car. You only get one claim, so you should get the car checked by a professional to determine the extent of the damage. The repair cost estimate will be put in the car accident injury claim in Maryland and the compensation you receive may be higher.

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