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Being active gives strength and confidence to elderly people. Unfortunately, with age all the reflexes slow down, making driving more difficult and extremely dangerous. More than 5,500 seniors lost their lives in 2012 in motor vehicle accidents and 214,000 were gravely injured on the highways of the United States. If you are an elderly person who was involved in an accident that was not your fault you should contact a car accident attorney from Annapolis to help you with your case and receive injury compensation.

Elderly drivers and Maryland law

Your car injury lawyer from Annapolis will tell you that in some states, the law is designed to keep elderly people and other drivers safe. In some states elderly drivers are obligated to renew their driver’s license on a fixed interval. For example, in Pennsylvania and Jew Jersey every four years older drivers have to renew their license. In Delaware aging drivers renew every eight years.

The state of Maryland does not have any age restriction or time period in which an elderly has to renew their license. But the law may deny a person over 70 years of age to get a new license if:

  • They cannot provide a medical competence report from a physician
  • They didn’t own a Maryland license before

Elderly car accident injuries

Most of the senior people who get injured in car accidents are over 85 years of age. This mainly happens because an elderly is more susceptible to complication and injuries than young drivers. In addition to this, senior male drivers are involved in more car crashes than senior female drivers.

In many cases, despite their age, the older driver is not the one at fault. But this type of accident most likely will result in fatal injuries (including a car head injury in Annapolis) or serious medical issues that may reduce considerably the senior’s quality of life. Elderly people heal much slower and can suffer various complications making it impossible sometimes to withstand the rigors of the medical treatment needed. For example, if an 85 y/o senior suffers a car head injury in Annapolis, their spine can break and they can lose their life.

Were you injured by a senior driver?

There are many factors which can lead to a car crash and if you want to receive car injury compensation in Annapolis it is best if you get the help of a legal adviser to help you with the case. Around 70% of senior people in their 70s have arthritis, which makes turning, twisting and flexing difficult. In order to win your case you have to prove the fault of the other driver and without the necessary evidence it may be impossible. It is the senior’s right to be able to drive, but if they cause an accident and injure other people, they are liable.

For more information about elderly drivers and car accidents you can contact the best car injury lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected] and find out how you can get the compensation you deserve.

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