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In most of the US states the use of cell phones is prohibited while driving. If drivers do not respect this law, they can receive fines and other penalties. But were you aware that when using your mobile phone while on the wheel, you also expose yourself to a lawsuit in the case of a car accident? You should contact your car accident attorney from Annapolis if you were involved in a car accident while on a cellphone. If the other driver caused a car accident because they were not paying attention to the road, your lawyer can help you file a car passenger injury claim in Annapolis.

Drivers using a cell phone may be considered responsible for the car accident

When a driver sues another to receive car injury compensation in Annapolis, the plaintiff (the one suing) has to prove that the defendant (the other driver) cause the accident through their careless driving.  In recent cases, many plaintiffs argued that the other driver was completely at fault for the accident because they used the cell phone (or some other device) during or right before the collision. And most courts have agreed to this statement.

In other words, the car injury lawyer from Annapolis of the injured plaintiff can sue the driver using the phone also for other careless driving claims, such as:

  • Driving with one hand on the wheel
  • Failing to pay attention on the road and to any surrounding dangers because of a cell phone
  • Taking eyes off the road while reaching for the cell phone
  • Being distracted by a cell phone conversation (even while using a hands-free device)

Employees using cell phone for business

The employer from a company can be found liable if the car accident was caused by one of their employees if the employee was having a work-related call during or right before the accident. The same rule applies in the case of sending/reading a work-related text message during or right before the accident.  In this case, it is more likely for the employer to get sued instead of the driver because the car injury compensation in Annapolis is much bigger.

Kids’ cell phone use and parent responsibility

In recent years, more and more plaintiffs argued that the parents should be considered liable for the car accidents that were caused by the cell phone use of their kid. Your car injury lawyer can tell you that the law is still unclear in this situation, which should raise a red flag for parents who are encouraging their kids to use their phone while driving.


The insurance companies are keeping an eye on the link between car accidents and phone use. If you caused a car accident because you were using the cell phone, it is possible for your insurance premium to rise. But if the other driver was at fault for the accident, you can contact a legal adviser to file a car passenger injury claim in Annapolis.

Contact the best car injury lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected] to help you with your case and deal with the insurance companies.

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