Defective pharmaceutical products in Maryland – What You Need To Know

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In the United States, thousands of people suffer illnesses and injuries each year after using pharmaceutical products. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and other products used in certain therapeutic treatments. If you or someone you know experienced adverse reactions to medication or suffered an injury/illnesses after using defective pharmaceutical products in Maryland, contact a defective products attorney from Annapolis. Regardless of the drug product involved, with the help of your lawyer, you can file a formal claim.

Corporate Litigation and Defective Drugs

Pharmaceutical products and prescription medications are not without risks and dangers. These medications are being produced by multi-billion-dollar corporations that fight to stay on top. That is why, sometimes, the companies neglect extensive testing so they can push their products onto the market faster. Each year there are thousands of drugs being recalled because of the injuries they cause.

With the help of a defective products lawyer from Maryland, who has a lot of experience in handling product liability cases, you will stand up against large pharmaceutical companies and take the unsafe products and medication off the market.

The „chain of responsibility” and defective products liability in Maryland

According to the defective product consumer law in MD, the product manufacturer is duty-bound to utilize reasonable care in design, testing, manufacture, and inspection of all the goods so that they will assure their safety for the large consumption. This includes warning consumers if a certain asset is not safe to use. It is also their job to inform the public and agencies about any problems that are generated by a particular product.

The defective product consumer law in MD also says that if a manufacturer uses the material or any information from another supplier for a product, it is the duty of that manufacturer to make a reasonable inspection and all the testing to confirm its safety.  All those who distribute these products are also bound by the strict covenant of transparency.

The defective products attorney from Annapolis will conduct an investigation and seek to determine how and when the chain of responsibility was broken, and also determine which party is at fault.

Types of defective product liability in Maryland


This is the most common legal theory of a product liability. Negligence occurs when the plaintiff claims that a party within the chain of manufacture/distribution did not fulfill all their legal duties in protecting the consumers. To win a case through this allegation, your defective products lawyer will show that the defendant/s failed to use reasonable or ordinary care in designing, producing, manufacturing, or selling the product.

Strict liability

Unlike the previous type, strict liability alleges the malfunction of the product itself. The strict liability cases are easier to prove as the defective product is evident.

Defective products liability in Maryland and the damage

The damages of defective pharmaceutical products in Maryland are sought in product liability suits and will consist of costs of medical expenses, mental anguish, physical injuries, disfigurement, pain and suffering, the loss of the capacity to work, and property damages. In the case of a wrongful death, all those stated above will also apply.

For more information about defective pharmaceutical products you can contact a defective products lawyer from Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or via email at [email protected].

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