Dental Malpractice Injury In Annapolis

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Most of the people aren’t thrilled at the thought of visiting their dentist. There are also some cases of dentist phobia where people postpone their treatment for as long as possible, even if they risk losing their teeth. While fear of dentists has much to do with being afraid of pain, in some cases, the anxiety is justified. A dental malpractice injury in Annapolis is not unheard of; on the contrary, many of the medical malpractice claims in MD are connected to dentistry.

But what is considered to be dental malpractice and how can you prove it? What is the value of a medical malpractice settlement in Maryland and how it can help you get justice for what you have endured?

Medical Malpractice Law In MD

There are many types of dental injuries that can occur at your dentist’s office, but not all of them can support medical malpractice claims in MD. Injury to the lips, nerves and jaw, TMJ resulted from ortho treatment, anesthesia-related injuries or even death, damage to the teeth or gums as a consequence of a faulty bridge or crown and infection associated with dental products are some of the injuries people sustain at a dental office.

But, according to the medical malpractice law in MD, these injuries have to be the direct consequences of one of the following situations:

  • The dentist failed to diagnose periodontal disease or oral cancer
  • The dentist didn’t advise the patient of the diagnosis
  • The dentist misdiagnosed the patient
  • The patient wasn’t informed of the risks of a certain procedure
  • An error during the dental procedure caused the injury
  • The dentists recommended improper medication

Malpractice Lawyer In Annapolis

Any medical malpractice attorney in Maryland will tell you that, to prove dental malpractice, four elements are required. You firstly need to demonstrate that the dentist was obliged to offer you competent dental care (in this case, proving that you were a patient of that dentist is enough). Then you have to prove the breach of duty – the fact that you haven’t received the standard amount of care from your dentist. You also have to demonstrate that your injury was sustained during the dental procedure and last, but not least, you have to prove that your injury was the direct consequence of the breach of duty.

Proving malpractice can be difficult, but, with the help of an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Maryland, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve. Medical malpractice settlements in Maryland usually include the medical expenses, the eventual loss of wage and the emotional distress.

Contact the most experienced malpractice lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or [email protected]. Let us know what you have been through and we will offer you a free consultation, along with our advice and assessment of your case. Don’t let dental malpractice wipe the smile off your face – together we can stand up for your rights so that you can smile again.

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