Determining what caused the accident – truck injury settlement in Annapolis

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Generally, accident victims have to rely on the police reports and any existing witness statements to understand why and how an accident occurred for their truck injury settlement in Annapolis. But there are other key ways to find information about an accident, such as data from high tech devices or from government agencies. The best semi-truck accident lawyer from Annapolis can help you gather the evidence needed for your case and file an injury claim.

Contact the government agencies in Maryland

State and federal regulations require a truck inspector to assess the commercial truck and trailer that was involved in the accident before the police move it from the scene. This report contains information about the mechanical parts of the trailer and truck which may have caused the accident. Unfortunately, this report is not found in the local police report but has to be obtained from the appropriate government agency. The best semi-truck accident lawyer from Annapolis can contact the particular government agency and get you the information you need for your case.

How to preserve data from any high tech devices

For example, when a plane crashes, the first thing that is recovered is the “black box”, which records data that may assist with the investigation. Today, the trucking industry is using similar recording devices which gather all sorts of information, such as how fast the truck was going when the driver used their brakes, pattern of speed, and how long the driver was on the road.

These types of devices have become something normal in the automotive industry, such as an onboard computer, GPS systems, and others. Another device that is used in the trucking industry is the inclinometer which provides information about the slope angles.

Getting the data of the accident can be tricky, but it will help you get truck injury compensation in Annapolis. But you should know that the data of the equipment may not be preserved. Some companies erase data regularly according to the internal rules.

The common causes of truck accidents

The best semi-truck accident lawyer from Annapolis will tell you that the common causes of truck accidents are mechanical failures, driver errors, road designs, traffic signal failures, and weather conditions.  The most frequent equipment problems and mechanical failure come from:

  • improper trailer attachment
  • defective steering
  • transmission failure.
  • defective side or rear lighting, and
  • tire blowouts due to wear and tear
  • brake failure
  • depowering or removing the front brakes
  • improper securing or load distribution, causing a rollover

Getting the legal help you need

Because there is a very complex network in the trucking industry, it may prove quite difficult to get the information you need for your truck injury compensation in Annapolis. Your lawyer has the know-how of the industry and knows how to get the information you need. For more information about truck accidents, contact the best semi-truck accident lawyer in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected].

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