Avoiding Electric Accidents in Commercial Areas

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infrared inspection Annapolis

If you own a hotel, a restaurant or an apartment building, then you know that one of the most important precautions you can take is to have your electrical wires inspected periodically. As any electric injury attorney in Annapolis will tell you, an electrical accident on your property could have dramatic consequences. So what can you do about it? Read further to find out how infrared inspection works and what to do in case there has been an electrical accident on your property in Annapolis.

Why are inspections important?

Besides keeping people safe, inspections also have another important role. An electrical injury in Annapolis can occur under one of these two circumstances – either the owner of the premises was negligent and ignored or failed to notice the hazard on their property or the victim of the accident was negligent, which led to their injuries.

As you can expect, if somebody suffered an electric shock injury on your property in Annapolis, you may have to pay compensation. However, if you’ve had the premises inspected for hazards prior to the accident and everything went well, then it will be easier to prove that you were not at fault. To sum it up, inspections in commercial settings are important because they help you keep people safe and, in case of an electrical accident, they help prove that you took all the necessary precautions to avoid the accident.

What is an infrared inspection in Annapolis?

An infrared inspection in Annapolis has the purpose to discover hot spots caused by faulty electrical connections or components. As you may know, excessive heating of certain areas where electrical equipment is present is a sign of failure. This is why, as any electric injury lawyer in Annapolis will tell you, infrared inspections represent the most accurate method of discovering electrical problems before they emerge full scale.

A good electrocution attorney in Annapolis will recommend you to have an infrared inspection periodically so that you can prevent accidents.

Which conditions does an infrared inspection detect?

There are many problems which could lead to an electric accident in a commercial area. An infrared inspection helps you detect the following issues:

  • Overloads
  • Faulty/deteriorated connections
  • Open circuits
  • Faulty electrical equipment
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Harmonics
  • Inductive heating

Why should you have an infrared inspection in Annapolis?

As your electric injury attorney in Annapolis will advise you, an infrared inspection is beneficial to your business for many reasons.

Having your premises inspected for electrical hazards helps you prevent catastrophic failures and also lowers your insurance premium due to reduced losses. An infrared inspection is low-risk, it increases your electrical equipment’s life and reduces unscheduled downtime. Furthermore, you won’t need to interrupt electricity during the inspection.

Benefit from what an infrared inspection has to offer and maintain your commercial property safe. In case you need to discuss with an electric injury lawyer in Annapolis, contact Chris Bead at (443) 569-3950 or [email protected]. You will get a free consultation where Chris will assess your situation and let you know which the best course of action is.

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