Electric shock accidents often result from negligence – Electrocution injury lawyer in Maryland

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Electric shock accidents happen when an individual comes in direct contact with static electricity. Unfortunately, most of these accidents can be prevented if precautions are taken. If a person comes in direct contact with an electric object, device, or tool, they can suffer an electric shock. If the accident is the result of someone’s negligence and someone gets injured, the victim can file an electrocution injury claim with the help of their lawyer form Maryland.

How do electric shock accidents occur?

Electricity travels in a closed circuit through an electric conductor. If a body becomes part of this circuit, an electric shock may occur. For example, a person can come in contact with the exposed wires of an active circuit. If an individual gets exposed to electric current they can suffer multiple injuries, including burns, brain damage, nerve damage, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding and many more. The problem with electrocution accidents in Maryland is that some electric injury symptoms may reveal themselves after weeks or months after the accident. That is why you should get checked out by a doctor from Maryland to ensure your electric injury is not putting your life in danger and that you will not present any symptoms in the future.

Severity of the shock

The effects and the injuries sustained in the electric shock accident depend on numerous factors, including the path the current takes through the body, the duration of the contact with the active circuit, the clothes the victim is wearing, and many more. How severe the injury is depends on factors such as the victim’s height, gender, mass, moisture in the body, etc.

Occupational electric shock

A lot of electric shock accidents are work-related, especially in the construction industry. There are many circumstances that can lead to an electrocution accident, like workers drilling in a place where there are hidden electrical wires. In addition to this, when working with a lot of tools, it is possible for one of them to have exposed wires and hurt the handler.

It is the responsibility of employers to provide a safe place to work for all their employees, including in the construction industry. Even so, sometimes they fail to take the necessary steps and some of their employees get injured. With the help of your electrocution injury attorney from Maryland you can prove the employer should have offered you a safe work place and they will have to pay compensation. You can file an electrocution claim in Maryland against the employer and receive workers’ compensation.

Electrocution and electrical injury expert witnesses in Maryland

One of the most important elements in electrocution case in Maryland is the electrical injury expert witness. They can offer the expertise to determine who is responsible for the accident and also testify in court sustaining their claim. Your electrocution injury lawyer can provide you with the best expert witnesses in Maryland.

For more information about electrocution accidents you should contact the best electrocution injury attorney in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected].

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