Electrocution Injury Compensation in Annapolis – Three Cases

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If you have been involved in an electric shock accident in Annapolis, then you may be entitled to receive electrocution injury compensation in Annapolis. Most people, when they contact their electric shock attorney in Annapolis ask about the amount that they can receive. There is no clear indicator of what you can expect your electrocution settlement in Maryland to be. As these cases are usually very complex, the amount will differ a lot from one case to another. In this article, we are going to take a look at three separate cases and understand what influenced the final compensation.

Electrocution settlement in Maryland

As we mentioned before, an electric shock accident in Annapolis is a very complex case that requires expert witnesses. There are many laws that can influence the case. If you got injured because of an exposed wire in a public area, the premises liability law can apply. If you suffered an electric shock accident in Annapolis because of a faulty toaster, for example, then you may have a defective product case. Also, if you got electrocuted on the job, in construction for example, the employer’s liability may apply. This being said, let’s take a look at some of the cases where the electric injury lawyer in Maryland helped their clients to receive the compensation they needed.


In 2013, in Baltimore, a girl was killed while playing in a ball field when she touched a fence charged with voltage. This is a case where the municipality was at fault. The electric injury lawyer in Maryland argued that the defendants didn’t check the underground wires and, as a result, the girl died. In this particular case, the company contracted for the park was also a defendant, as well as the government. The company tried to avoid liability by saying that they hadn’t worked in that park for years. However, a one-month old electrician bill proved that the defendant’s claim was false. In the end, Douglas electric drafted a confidential electrocution settlement in Maryland with the plaintiffs, while the rest of the defendants has to pay $200.000.

Prince George’s County

This was a very complex electric shock accident case where the electric shock attorney in Annapolis had to use an array of expert witnesses to prove the defendant’s negligence. A 15-year old girl was walking along a trail behind her sister’s house. She encounters a downed power line that was suspended two feet above the trail and dies instantly. Her parents sue the electric company for gross negligence. Their electric injury lawyer in Maryland needed not only an electrical expert, but also a wood expert witness to prove that the lines were tied on an improper tree cross arm. In the end, electrocution injury compensation in Annapolis was of $350.000 with an additional $7.5 million in punitive damages. However, the punitive damages didn’t stick.

Charles County

The electrocution settlement in Maryland was related to an on-the-job injury. While placing concrete footing with a concrete pumping machine two workers were killed when the pumping foot got in contact with a wire. In the trial that followed, the electric shock attorney in Annapolis argued that both the seller and the manufacturer of the pumping machine was responsible for the injury. However, the seller choose to settle the case before the trial and the plaintiffs received $100.000 as electrocution settlement in Maryland. The manufacturer did not settle and the jury found in favour of them.

Electric shock injury cases are extremely complex and, without an expert electric injury lawyer in Maryland at your side, it can be almost impossible to win. If you have suffered an electric shock accident, get in touch with the best electric shock attorney in Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or by email at [email protected].

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