Extra Protections for Maryland Workplace Accidents

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The state Occupational Safety and Health standards are important to Maryland workplace accident victims because the standards are more stringent than those provided by federal OSHA policies. This helps both victims and Maryland accident attorneys to point to necessary steps for employers to take in order to protect employees. Of particular note are the following ones that specifically affect construction workers and heavy machine operators:

Permit Area – Maryland accident attorneys note that permit areas, or those that may lead to dangerous chemical exposure, must be well-labeled. In addition, there must be employees or devices in place to restrict access only to those who have the training or equipment to handle dangerous chemicals. Workers’ compensation claims in Maryland often cite this regulation.

Lead and Formaldehyde Exposure – Maryland workplace accidents involving formaldehyde are governed by the state’s occupational safety authority as well. There are restrictions on all exposure to a maximum of 0.7 parts per million of air, with a short-term exposure level of two parts per million over any 15-minute period. There are similar protections in place for those who are working in and around materials incorporating lead. Employers need to provide protective equipment and keep it well maintained.

Cranes and Derricks – Beyond federal OSHA standards, there are more stringent restrictions on the usage of cranes and derricks, including frequent inspections of these machines. There are also policies in place for frayed metal wires of a very specific nature to limit the risk of Maryland workers’ compensation claims. Any potential accidents may be able to take advantage of these rules.

Excavation – As with cranes and derricks, preventing cave-ins is a key role in protecting workers in potentially dangerous situations. Engineers have to follow specific design protocol when they make tunnels and holes. In addition, those records have to be in place and remain so during the entirety of the excavation process. By doing so, Maryland workers’ compensation claims become easier to process.

These additional protections ensure that workers in precarious positions do not have to worry about legal precedents. However, successfully getting benefits as well as any damages from an employer requires competent legal representation. Experienced Maryland workers’ compensation attorneys are the best choice in this regard.

Those who feel that they are eligible to pursue a claim should contact one today. Federal benefits can take a long time to be awarded, so getting money for bills often comes from successful cases.

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