Finding Doctors in Accident Cases Should be Free of a Lawyer’s Influence …or Should it?

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Finding a doctor in an accident presents several problems.

First, the doctor chosen could be a problem if the lawyer creates the impression that the doctor was on the lawyer’s payroll at any point in time.

A client is advised to obtain at the outset a doctor chosen from family, friends, or the directory of a hospital or medical association, just to name a few. That way there is no taint brought upon the doctor by his source of referral.

This can complicate litigation later. The amount of the doctor’s charges and the frequency of the visits can then also become an issue. However, some doctors have a reputation for accepting cases from both Defendants’ and Plaintiffs’ lawyers, and this allows for referrals.

When there is a gross, disproportionate number of cases from a lawyer to a doctor, the treatment may be brought into question. However, it is best to obtain the opinion of others because the choice is a personal one.

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