Have you and your baby been the victim of a birth injury malpractice in Columbia, Maryland?

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A new child is a blessing, but sometimes due to incompetence, the joy can turn into sorrow. According to recent studies, more than 28.000 birth injuries happen in the US each year. The birth injury is considered malpractice, but depending on the circumstances it can be difficult to see them without medical knowledge. That is why a lot of cases of birth injury malpractice in Columbia, Maryland, go undeclared. With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Columbia, Maryland, you can file a malpractice claim and receive the compensation you need for you new-born’s treatment.

You have to remember that not all birth injuries are malpractice cases. In some cases, the doctor does everything alright, but the infant is still injured in the process. Even so, to be sure your baby’s injury is not the result of malpractice, you should contact a Columbia injury lawyer and ask for help.

Most Common Malpractice Birth injuries

Every Columbia injury attorney is aware that only certain birth injuries fall under malpractice claims in Maryland. If you recognize in your child one of the following, you should get legal help and start the compensation procedure as soon as possible. Birth injury malpractice treatments could cost you a lot of money, and you may not have the financial capacity to sustain it for a longer period.

  • The doctor did not perform the C-section on time. Medical experts know that the C-section is mandatory for the safety of both the mother and the child. If the fetus is in distress (such as when the umbilical cord has wrapped around their head), a C-section is crucial. If the doctor fails to do the procedure on time, then the fetus could suffer permanent brain damage. You can receive compensation in this case with the help of a personal injury attorney from Columbia, Maryland.
  • Vacuum or Forceps injuries. During labor, in some cases, the baby is in a position that makes the delivery impossible. That is why the doctor uses a forceps or vacuum to put the child in the correct procedure. Unfortunately, if the medical does not handle the tools with care, the child could suffer a permanent birth injury. Some of these injuries cannot be found without the expert recommended by your Columbia injury attorney.
  • The doctor failed to pay attention to the fetal heart monitor. The negligence of a medical could cost you your child’s life, or it could permanently injure them. If you baby’s heart rate is inconsistent and the doctor didn’t see it on the monitor, your child could be injured.
  • The doctor failed to find any problems with the umbilical cord. If the medical did not recognize a the umbilical cord has wrapped around the fetus’s neck, then they could be found liable for negligence.

With the help of a personal injury attorney from Columbia, Maryland, you can prove the existence of medical malpractice, bring the culprit to justice and receive the compensation you need for your child’s injuries and treatment.

Your Columbia injury lawyer will also add to the claim your pain and suffering.

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