How a slip and fall injury attorney from Maryland can help your case

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Some say that in some cases you don’t necessarily need an attorney, but if you make the tiniest mistake you may end up losing your compensation. This is especially true if you suffered an injury in the accident, because the fault may not be obvious, and the insurance companies will try not to acknowledge the liability if you do not have a legal adviser present. That is why you should contact your slip-and-fall injury attorney from Maryland if you intend to file a claim and receive compensation.

Proving liability

If you want your slip-and-fall injury claim to be recognized, you have to prove the liability of the negligent person. Car accidents are more straightforward which makes them easier to prove, but slip-and-fall accidents are far more complex and subtle. The first thing you should do after your accident is to contact your slip-and-fall injury lawyer from Maryland to let them know what has happened. Falls can come out of nowhere and happen very quickly, so people may not understand how they got injured.

For example, let’s presume that you got into a slip-and-fall accident on the stairs in Maryland due to an oil stain. How did you fall? Did you see the stain before the fall? How did the oil stain get there? What shoes were you wearing? Were you carrying anything? Were you using the phone or texting? Did you trip or slip? All these are very important question that can arise in your case. These are facts that the defense attorney, insurer and the jury will definitely want to know before awarding you any slip-and-fall compensation in Maryland.

Your personal injury attorney from MD will help you figure out the answer to all the critical questions that may influence the result of your settling/lawsuit.

Proving damages and premises liability in Maryland

Proving damages in Maryland is much more complex than saying “I broke my hand because of a slip-and-fall injury due to an oil stain on the defendant’s property and I could not work for two months.” Your lawyer will document how much money you lost due to the accident, the past and future medical bills, therapy bills, recovery treatments and many more. This can be done with the help of experts that are specialized with slip-and-fall injury cases and that can also participate in the lawsuit as expert witnesses.

You will also see that it is not that easy to obtain a copy of your medical records. Yes, it is your right to receive them, but many health care providers are more concerned with providing treatments than photocopying documents for former patients.

For more information about slip-and-fall accidents and discuss details of your case you can contact the best Maryland slip-and-fall injury lawyer at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected].

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