How accurate is a DUI breathalyzer in Greenbelt, MD?

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Just like in every other state in the U.S., if a driver has the blood alcohol content (BAC) higher or equal of 0.08, they will be considered intoxicated. This will automatically bring a DUI charge (driving under the influence) for the driver. The BAC is determined instantaneously using a DUI breathalyzer in Greenbelt, MD and it provides with initial alcohol readings. If you were caught driving after consuming alcohol, you should contact a personal injury lawyer from Greenbelt, MD to help you with your case and lower your sentence as much as possible.

The breathalyzer

The BAC of the driver is established through 3 methods. The most accurate method of determining the BAC is undergoing a blood test, but his type of examination is inconvenient and invasive. For the blood of the driver to be tested, a blood sample is required and will be drawn at a clinic or hospital. But this type of test takes a long time. That is why the policeman will do an initial preliminary testing using a breathalyzer. This device is handheld, portable, lightweight and extremely easy to administer. Even drivers can purchase their own breathalyzers to do the test themselves and see their own BAC.  Getting caught by the police with a BAC over 0.08 is an unpleasant and unfortunate thing, but you should contact your Greenbelt injury lawyer to explain to you what you can do next.

The breathalyzer in inadmissible in court

The breathalyzer will help the policeman to establish an initial reading of a driver’s BAC. But based on these results only, you can go scot-free because the breathalyzer test results are not admissible in court. Numerous factors can influence the breath test results. Your Greenbelt injury attorney is well aware of that and can challenge the reliability of the breathalyzer test.

The price of a breathalyzer today has declined considerably, and the results are more and more accurate as the testing technology improved. That is why more and more drivers now have their own breathalyzer to gauge the BAC level after drinking alcohol. Your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, will also recommend you to buy a breathalyzer to test yourself after going out (and you’ve consumed alcohol beverages).

Sensor technologies

Your Greenbelt injury lawyer knows that all breathalyzers work the same. You blow in the special mouthpiece, and the BAC level will show on the LED screen. But the accuracy of the test may vary, depending on the technology used. There are two main breathalyzers types:

  • The semiconductor sensor (used for personal use)
  • Highly accurate fuel cell technology

Most breathalyzers use a semiconductor sensor that has a very thin oxide material. This type of breathalyzer is less reliable than the platinum fuel cell sensor because it can give false positives from other substances, such as ketone (which is produces naturally in the human body and has a similar structure as alcohol). Your Greenbelt injury attorney will recommend you to ask the officer to take you to do blood tests to determine your BAC accurately. The blood tests will be your best defense if the officer decides to charge you with a DUI. With the help of your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, will help you take the case to court and dismiss all charges.

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