How dangerous is a dog bite infection in Maryland?

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In America, more than half of the states make dog owners liable for the injuries their dog caused, indifferent if the owner had believed the dog to be peaceful. This is something known as dog-bite statutes, and it covers all dog-inflicted injuries, including a dog bite infection in Maryland. And even though your claim does not have to prove that the dog owner did something wrong, there are a lot of formalities and steps you will have to make. That is why it is best if you contact a dog bite personal injury lawyer from Maryland and together fight to receive the dog bite injury compensation in Maryland you deserve.

Deadlines of Dog Bite Lawsuits

In Maryland, any person injured by a dog has three years to take the case to court. This is a deadline called “statute of limitations” and applies to civil lawsuits. So, if a dog injured you, you have three years from the day the injury occurred to bring the case to court. But if you consult your dog bite injury attorney from Annapolis, they will help you take your case to court in time.

Dog-Bite Statute in Maryland

The dog bite law changed for the better in 2014. So, any dog owner whose dog is “running at large” and attacks someone will be held “strictly liable” for the damages and injuries of the person aggressed. In addition to this, dog-related injury cases can be considered under the common law rules of negligence in Maryland. If you suffered an injury or damage to your property as a result of an unattended dog, you should contact your dog bite personal injury lawyer from Maryland and try to file for a dog bite injury claim in MD.

Dog bite claim defences in Maryland

A dog owner, when facing a civil suit in Maryland for a dog bite, has several defending options, including trespassing and contributory negligence. “Contributory negligence” is referring to situations where the injured person’s behaviour has contributed to their injuries (or even caused). This means that if you poke a dog with a stick, and the dog bites you, you are partially at fault for this injury. Even if the dog owner is 99% at fault and you are 1%, you will not receive any dog bite injury compensation in Maryland. Also, if you were injured while trespassing on another’s private property, you will most likely not receive any compensation for that injury.  People should be more aware of the risk of dog bites and rabies, particularly the children, who are the ones most injured by dogs. Parents have to teach their children about dog bites and rabies and how to prevent this.

If you have suffered a dog bite infection in Maryland, you can contact your dog bite injury attorney from Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or via email at [email protected] and receive a free consultation that will let you know where you stand.

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