How much can you expect to receive from a car injury settlement in Southern Maryland?

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If you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you would probably be able to receive compensation through a car injury settlement in Southern Maryland. The first thing you have to do after your accident is get yourself checked by a doctor and determine the extent of your injury (if any). After that, you could contact your personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland and file a car injury claim.

In general, the money received in a car injury settlement are less than what people expect and usually are not enough to cover the vehicle replacement expenses. Even thought this might be outrageous, this happens due to a series of factors that determine the amount of compensation the insurance company will be willing to pay.  Among the factors, you will find the nature of the damage, if you’ve suffered a car injury disability, of the other driver’s policy limits. Your Southern Maryland injury lawyer can explain to you more about the settlement factors.

Settlement factors – When only the vehicle was damaged

If you did not suffer any injury in the car accident, only your vehicle, the settlement would cover the general costs of repairs or the possible replacement for the whole care (depending on the damage extent). If, for example, the front bumper of the car was damaged, the insurance company will pay for the replacement of your car’s front bumper. You can consult with your Southern Maryland injury attorney to determine the costs of repairs as well as to negotiate with the insurance company.

If the general costs of repair are higher than the value of the car (not when the car was new), the insurance company will declare it a “total loss” and will pay you the value of the car. But the settlement amount will most certainly not cover the costs of purchasing a new car. As a general rule, the insurance company will always try to pay as less money as possible.

With the help of your personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland, you will be able to increase the settlement amount as much as possible, so you will be able to get treatment for your injuries, as well as purchase a new car (if it was declared a total loss).

Settlement factors – When you suffered a car accident injury disability

If you’ve suffered an injury in a car accident, you Southern Maryland injury lawyer can negotiate the compensation you receive separately from the property damage. An injury, such as a bone fracture will increase the amount of money you will receive considerably. Your personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland will gather all the documents you need (wage loss documents, medical bills, etc.) that will help your case. The value of the settlement is strongly influenced by the medical report.

Settlement for pain and suffering

Your Southern Maryland injury lawyer can help you receive compensation for pain and suffering, for the past and future discomfort generated by the car accident injury you suffered. Get yourself checked out immediately after your accident and tell the doctor if anything feels out of the ordinary. You will complete the medical care until your doctor declares you healed. Only after this, you will be allowed to submit your injury claim.

For more information about car injury settlements contact the best personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or via email [email protected].

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