How to fight sexual abuse at the workplace in Baltimore MD

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Are you facing sexual abuse at the workplace in Baltimore MD? If you have to put up daily with unwanted sexual conduct at work (like sexual banter, dirty propositions, or jokes, or pornography, you may be the victim of sexual abuse and harassment. But not all sexual comments add up to a substantial legal sexual harassment claim. Contact your personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, to find out more about how the law defines sexual harassment and what you can do if you are facing sexual abuse at work.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual abuse or harassment is the unwanted sexual conduct, requests, or advances for sexual favors that can create a hostile work environment or results in a negative job outcome (like you being fired or passed on for a promotion).

Even though the most common sexual abuse scenario is by far men harassing women, in many cases women harass men, women harass other women, or men other men. Your Baltimore injury lawyer is aware that the perpetrator’s and victim’s gender does not matter. If an individual’s conduct is based on sex, then it is sexual harassment.

Any co-worker can be a perpetrator

The harassment can by committed by the company owner, a supervisor, coworker, customer, vendor, etc. If you have doubts about sexual harassment, you can hire a Baltimore injury attorney to clear them up.

Here are some examples that will help you better understand sexual abuse or harassment at work.

  1. Your supervisor asks you out on dates frequently, even though you always turned them down. You finally tell your supervisor that you are not interested in any social activity with them, but he urges you to reconsider because your performance review is coming up soon and he has the power to give you a poor rating. Any personal injury attorney from Baltimore Maryland will explain to you that this is one of the most common harassment scenarios.
  2. Some of your colleagues tell raunchy sexual stories and jokes each morning in the office. You explain to them that you do not feel comfortable and ask them to stop. In turn, your colleagues start teasing you directly with sexual If this has happened to you, your Baltimore injury lawyer may help you receive compensation for sexual harassment.
  3. A delivery driver is harassed every time they bring a package to an office building. Some of the workers make sexual comments about his appearance as he walks and threaten him with sexual abuse and assault. This is another clear case of sexual abuse which your Baltimore injury attorney can help you with.

There are a lot of sexual harassment and abuse cases and scenarios.  That is why if you think your colleagues are harassing you, you can consult your personal injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, and determine if you have a case, or how to build a stronger case.

Contact the best personal injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, for a free consultation of your case at: (443) 569-3950 or by email at: [email protected].

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