How to prepare for a social security disability claim?

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A lot of people apply for a Social Security Disability claim in Maryland every year. Unfortunately, more than 70% of the applicants are denied from the initial stage of the application process. In addition, from those remaining, 80% of applicants are rejected in the reconsideration stage. Luckily, more than half of the candidates who get an SSD lawyer in Annapolis and file for a hearing before the administrative law judge will win their disability case.

The system is complicated, and it can take even two years to get your court date. That is why you have to do everything in your powers to tip the scales in your favor on the hearing day. And without knowing how to present yourself before the administrative law judge, it will be impossible. In this article, you will learn valuable advice to help you make your hearing as light as possible.

Don’t even think about trying to do your worst

Some people try to appear pitiful in front of a judge by wearing shabby clothes. But this is a terrible idea. You should dress properly for the Social Security Disability hearing. You are going there to prove that you have a disability and should receive SSD benefits. But if you will look your worst, you only show a huge lack of respect. You should wear clean clothes, formal wear if possible.

Don’t be late

You should show up on time for your SSD hearing. You’ve waited a while for this day to arrive. If you are late or not show up at all, it will only show the judge the lack of respect. You should arrive in court at least 15-20 minutes before the scheduled start of the hearing.

Be honest

 During the hearing, when you speak with the judge, always be honest. Even if you think that something you will say can hurt your social security disability claim in Maryland, avoid lying to the magistrate. They hear thousands of SSD cases each year and have the access to your medical records. That is why, if you lie to the judge, they will most likely know and deny your claim because of it.

Never interrupt the judge

You don’t want to annoy or anger the person that will decide on your disability case. When the judge is speaking, let them finish before you say anything. Listen carefully to the questions the judge is asking, and after they finish, you can provide the answer.

In some cases, it is possible for the judge to interrupt you, not giving you any chance to explain yourself. If this happens, you don’t have to be afraid. Speak up. Make sure you tell the judge that you want to adequately explain the answer to their question.

Be amiable

According to SSD law in Maryland, the judge will not deny your benefits for your social security disability in Annapolis due to personal conflict, but sometimes it happens. You don’t have to be friendly with the judge; you just don’t have to be rude, because it will not help you case. Treat the administrative law judge and your SSD attorney in MD with the respect they deserve.

Listen to what your lawyer has to say

It is better to get the advice of an SSD lawyer in Annapolis to represent your claim. Your attorney will prepare you for your disability hearing and the questions asked in court. A specialized lawyer will know the ways of winning a disability case so make sure to listen to their advice.

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