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According to USA Today, tens of thousands of patients undergo unnecessary surgeries each year in America. From pacemaker implants, C-sections and coronary bypass to hysterectomy, gastric bypass, and cardiac catheterization, people have to suffer the ordeals of surgeries that may not have been necessary at all. Is unnecessary surgery a medical malpractice in Maryland? Can an Annapolis medical malpractice lawyer help you get compensation for what you have suffered? In the following, we will try to answer to these two questions and find out where the MD medical malpractice law stands regarding the issue of unnecessary surgery.

Medical malpractice statistics & facts

According to recent statistics, medical malpractice is the no. 3 cause of death in America after cancer and heart attack. And even though an unnecessary surgery may not have fatal consequences (though it is known to have happened), it will still leave a mark. Each surgery has negative effects on your body, but, when the situation calls for it, you have no other option than to put off with the negative impact because the surgery is required. When you are dealing with an unnecessary surgery, though, you are left only with the negative consequences and the possible complications. This can’t be fair, can it?

Medical malpractice law in Maryland

Firstly, you have to understand that unnecessary doesn’t equal negligent. If the doctor’s option was based on a valid medical concern, even though the surgery turned out to be unnecessary, you may not have a valid medical malpractice claim. To be able to get a medical malpractice compensation in Annapolis, you need to prove that the doctor was negligent in their decision, overlooked non-surgical options and that the surgery caused you harm. Also, if the doctor performed the surgery as a result of their own misdiagnosis of your condition, you are entitled to receive medical malpractice compensation in Maryland.

Also, a good medical malpractice attorney in MD will tell you that, if the doctor didn’t adequately explained the risks of the surgery to you, and you consented without knowing all the data, you have a valid medical malpractice claim in Maryland. For example, if you had the option of doing a surgery aimed at resolving your back pain, but it had only 50% chances of succeeding and required 6 months of intense rehabilitation, you may not choose to do it. But if your doctor didn’t inform you about the recovery time, as well as the surgery’s chances of succeeding, then you should contact your Annapolis malpractice attorney and pursue further action.

Annapolis medical malpractice lawyer

A medical malpractice lawsuit is very complicated, and you will need an expert attorney by your side. He or she will take care of the expert witnesses that are crucial in this case (fellow doctors that can assess the situation) and prepare you to fight for your rights. If you need an expert with strong ethics, vast experience, and the know-how to approach this delicate satiation, contact us at (443) 569-3950 or by email at [email protected].

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