Juvenile Assault In Maryland – What to do?

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Two months ago, five minors were arrested for juvenile assault in Maryland. We understand that, as a parent, there is nothing worse than receiving a phone call letting you know that your child has been arrested. But the most important thing in this situation is to keep calm and call your personal injury lawyer from Maryland. When dealing with juvenile crimes, you have to keep in mind that one mistake can affect your child’s whole life. To minimize the consequences, you are going to need professional criminal help in MD.

What happens if a minor gets arrested?

It may surprise you, but the number of arrests for certain crimes is higher for juveniles than for adults. These crimes include burglary, destruction of property, auto theft and assault, especially when it happens in school. When a juvenile gets arrested, the first thing that needs to be determined is whether the case will be held in juvenile or adult court. The different between those two is that in juvenile court there is no jury – only a judge. Don’t assume that if your child is 14, for example, they will automatically face the judge in juvenile court. In some cases, the case is tried in the adult court, depending on several factors, such as public safety, the age of the child, and their mental and physical condition.

Juvenile Assault

Simple juvenile assault is usually treated as a misdemeanor. Any Annapolis injury attorney will tell you that simple assault is defined as causing or attempting to cause injury to somebody, threatening them or making them afraid of imminent harm. Each state has its own rules for dealing with a juvenile misdemeanor. Usually, the consequences of a simple juvenile assault could be:

  • Time spent in a juvenile facility (or in an adult institution in rare cases)
  • Probation
  • Financial compensation for the victim
  • Community service time
  • Anger management classes
  • Fines
  • Substance abuse treatment or programs

Criminal Help In MD – Your Child’s Rights

A juvenile has the right to remain silent and they also have the right to an attorney. An adult cannot be convicted of a crime unless they are found guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But, as your Annapolis injury lawyer will tell you, this principle is not applied when it comes to juvenile crimes. If the minor is facing incarceration, he or she cannot be convicted without irrefutable proof of guilt. But if they are facing only community service time, fines or an anger management programs, the judge can go ahead with the sentencing and impose the consequences if they believe it is likely that the juvenile committed the crime.

Children and teenagers always make mistakes – this is how they learn. But it is our job as parents to make sure that the punishment fits the crime and, in most cases, a juvenile conviction is harsher than any child deserves. This is why you need to reach out to a personal injury lawyer from Maryland and make sure that your child benefits from the best defense. Contact the top Annapolis injury attorney at (443) 569-3950 or by email at [email protected] for a free consultation of your case.

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