Key Differences Affecting Maryland Truck Accident Lawsuits

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Car and Maryland truck accident issues should be the same, since both involve vehicles on highways and streets. However, there are a number of key issues that drivers involved in an accident with a tractor trailer need to consider compared to a simple two- or more car accident. Here are a few:

Maryland Truck Accident Lawsuits Often Include Higher Damage

The legal weight limit of a truck by federal law is 80,000 pounds. Simple physics indicates that the momentum carried by a truck will be 20 or so times higher than a car. That means that Maryland accident attorneys often see much greater injuries to automobile accidents.

It’s also important to note that graver injuries can lead to people going into shock. A driver or passenger asking, “Is everyone okay,” should also perform a quick visual inspection for severe injuries that the other person may not notice. Do not remove anyone who has any difficulty moving unless the vehicle is on the highway or there is a danger of fire.

Truck Drivers in Maryland Have Logs of Past Actions

One of the reasons to contact a Maryland accident attorney is that there is more information available. Like pilots, truck drivers are required to keep a log of when they were driving, when stops were made and other information. It may become critical in a trial to point out whether or not there was a likelihood of fatigue.

These are often destroyed or archived after a certain amount of time, so contacting a legal professional is critical as soon as any medical needs are addressed. Those who are able still have other responsibilities.

Keep a Notepad in Case of a Maryland Truck Accident

You do not want to talk to any insurance or corporate employees associated with the driver of the tractor trailer, similar to the best practices for a car accident. On the other hand, talking with police and first responders is always a good idea if you feel you aren’t to blame. Doing so will help law enforcement reconstruct the events that led to the accident, and many have expertise in this area.

However, a notepad won’t help nearly as much as a Maryland truck accident attorney. Contacting one can ensure the best possible jury award or settlement to pay for expensive medical bills as well as any lost wages. Getting started now ensures that records are not lost and that no delays exist.

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