Largest Product Liability Cases In The USA

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Product liability cases in Maryland get a lot of attention. This happens mostly because people expect quality when they buy a product but, very often not only they do not receive the quality they paid for, but they also get hurt by defective and dangerous products in Maryland. Product liability laws in Maryland are strict in the attempt to discourage manufacturers and distributors from cutting corners when producing their items. But this is also the case for other states. So let’s take a look at the largest product liability cases in the USA.

Philip Morris, 2002

Tobacco products come with a lot of warnings these days. But do you know the reason behind it? 14 years ago, a woman sued the tobacco giant. She had lung cancer, claimed to have gotten it from tobacco use, and she also claimed that her addiction was encouraged by the fact that the company never bothered to warn people about the dangers of smoking. She won, and Philip Morris was ordered to pay $28 billion in punitive damages. However, after they appealed the case, the sum was reduced to $28 million.

General Motors, 2008

Any personal injury lawyer from Maryland or anywhere else in the USA remembers this case, mostly because it was a class action suit filed on behalf of 35 million people – that’s the population of an entire country and more than 10% of the population in the SUA! The reason for this extensive lawsuit was that GM used a damaging chemical in its coolant, causing engine damage and leaks. The company was sued for $20 billion and ended up paying between $400 and $800 to each consumer.

Dow Corning, 1998

Another class action suit that got a lot of attention was related to Dow Corning, in the field of silicone breast implants. The reason for this action was that the silicone implants were rupturing, causing severe health issue to consumers, from injury and pain to scleroderma and even death. In the end, the company reached a settlement with the customers and agreed to pay $2 billion out of the $4.5 billion that were initially asked.

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