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According to National Statistics, around 50% of all accidents between two vehicles are rear-end collisions. This is no surprise when considering the prevalence of GPS units, smart phones, and other devices that are potentially distracting the attention of drivers. If you were involved in a rear-end collision, you should contact your traffic attorney from Maryland to see if you should file a car accident injury claim and receive compensation.

Determining the liability for rear-end accidents

Most of the time, the driver behind the car which rear-end another vehicle will be found at fault. Even so, there are a few situations where the fault may fall on other driver, including:

  • Reversing suddenly
  • Hitting the brake without a good reason (also known as “brake checking”)
  • Driving with a flat tire without using the hazard lights
  • Failing to repair the broken brake lights

If any of these scenarios is absent, then the liability is determined easily. The next issue that follows is to calculate the damages and things can get tricky. Your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland can help you with this matter as well.

Obtaining car accident injury compensation in Maryland

Most of the time, rear-end car accidents are uneventful. In this type of situation, everybody might agree on the liability and the insurance companies will pay an accident victim’s car damage claim. If you are uncertain about what to do in this situation, you can contact your car accident injury attorney from Maryland and ask what you should do.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where the driver and the passengers in the car that is in front might get injured due to the high speed of the car that caused the accident. The process of getting compensated for an injury suffered in a rear-end collision is the most complicated part of a car accident injury claim in Maryland or personal injury lawsuit.

Whiplash injuries

The most common injury suffered in rear-end collision accidents is known as the “whiplash” and affects the tendons and muscles in the neck. When a car is rear-ended, the driver’s head can whip back suddenly, injuring the upper back, shoulders, and neck. Most of the time, these will be soft tissue injuries (usually sprains and strains). Unfortunately, soft tissue injuries are very difficult to prove. Unlike broken bones, torn muscles, nerve damage and other injuries that are easy to identify, quantifying a sprain or strain injury is very hard, because even with the medical evidence (MRI test) it is hard to prove the extent of the injury.

Every person is affected differently by whiplash and most of the time, the main measure of a whiplash injury is a subjective complaint of discomfort and pain, headaches, blurred vision, neck/ shoulder/ back pain, and concentration problems. Your car accident injury attorney from Maryland can help you determine the value of your claim and represent you in court.

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