Maryland DUI probation terms – What are the rules?

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Anybody who is charged with a DUI needs to know what the punishment or result is likely to be. This question is not easy to answer because there are many factors to take into consideration, such as the county where the offense occurred, the number of offenses, the level of BAD, if there was an accident, the age of the person, if there was someone injured, and many others. A DUI lawyer from Maryland can assess your situation correctly according to all of the above factors. The only thing that is certain is that a person will be offered some form of probation by the judge. The Maryland DUI probation terms are defined as PBJ or Probation before Judgment. This term has an entirely different meaning that the word you may know from elementary.

What does PBJ mean?

Probation before judgment means that an individual is pleased on probation before the criminal judgment has been entered against them. What this means is that instead of pleading guilty to an offense, the suspected person is placed immediately on probation.

If you were caught in one of the police DUI checkpoints in Maryland and you consumed something, you have to contact your Annapolis DUI attorney. PBJ is limited to the drunken driving offenses and can be claimed only by those charged with a DWI or DUI. In Maryland, the PBJ is an option that is available only for those who are first-time offenders. But even if it is your second time, you don’t have to worry. The law says that people with one previous DUI offense can still receive PBJ if the last offense was more than 10 years ago. But if you were caught under the influence in one of the DUI checkpoints in Maryland 9 years ago, you will probably not receive the PBJ.

What are the rules?

The DUI legal limit in MD is lower than .04 percent. The best advice is not to drink and drive. But it is impossible to estimate how many drinks you can have without passing the DUI legal limit in MD.

It is not uncommon for a probation sentence to include a restriction on your movements outside, curfew time, limitation on the possession of firearms, and regular check-in appointments with the assigned probation officer. Sometimes, with the help of your Annapolis DUI attorney, these restrictions will be much softer, and will not interfere that much with your daily life.

Consequences of DUI probation Violation in Maryland

In most cases, when a VOP (violation of probation) occurs, the probation agreement that was initially given will be revoked. This means that you will probably have to serve the sentence instead of doing your probation term and that you will have to pay additional fees. Furthermore, you will have to spend some time in jail and go through a stricter probation period. You should avoid DUI probation violation in Maryland, but if it happened, contact your DUI lawyer from Maryland. It could be that the Maryland DUI probation terms you received were not clear and because of that you may avoid going to prison.

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