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Best semi-truck accident lawyer Annapolis? - Best semi-truck accident lawyer Annapolis

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June 17th, 2016

The commercial truck drivers in America are the heart and soul of the delivery business and transportation. Unfortunately, when an accident happens the semi-truck can do heavy damage due to its size and weight. But who is liable for the accident if you are a contract trucker? Is it the responsibility of the company who hired the driver or the contractor? With the help of the best semi-truck accident lawyer from Annapolis, you can determine who's at fault for the accident.Liability the company or the trucker?Your freight truck accident lawyer from Annapolis will tell you that the only time a trucking or shipping company is liable is under the theory of vicarious liability. A Today, many truckers are independent contractors that are not technically employed by a company. Their contract is only for a determined period and is job-by-job based. The trucking industry has started hiring independent contractors because of the question of the legalities of the shipper and driver. If an accident occurs and the driver is an independent driver, then the driver may be found liable. The truck injury compensation in Annapolis will be paid through the driver's insurance company, not the shipping company that contracted them.What is vicarious liability?The only way the trucking company will be found liable for the driver's negligence and you will be able to reach a truck injury settlement in Annapolis with the company is when the driver is directly hired by the company (not as an independent contractor).Vicarious liability means that the business that hired the driver can be liable for the accident if the driver was acting under the rules of the company when the accident occurred. A In other words, if a driver was driving a company truck during the accident, then they fall under the vicarious liability and you can file for truck injury compensation in Annapolis against the trucking company.Other factors that might influence your truck injury settlement in AnnapolisFor the independent drivers that were injured on the job, there are some factors that have to be taken into consideration, including:

  • Does the company establish the right to control over the driver's work
  • Does the driver or the company choose the routes
  • Can the truck driver set their own hours and decline certain jobs or load
  • Can the driver get hired by other trucking companies
  • Does the driver have meet company standards or participate in safety meeting
  • Does the driver have to wear the company uniform

For many people, the question of who is responsible in the face of law can be confusing. There are still many gray areas that make inexperienced truck accident lawyers to lose cases. Contact the best freight truck accident lawyer from Annapolis to find out if your case falls into the gray area and what legal options you have.You can get in touch with us at (443) 569-3950 or send an email atA You will get a free consultation of your case.

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