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Did the snow plow damage your property? - Property damage lawyer in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

Snow is beautiful. The perfect white and how it glides slowly onto the ground is magical. But if you have to go outside it becomes a horror movie. Luckily, today we have special anti-snow solutions and preformat snow plows that clean the streets for us. If your car was damaged or you no longer have a mailbox after the snow was cleared by the snow plow, you have some legal options. But who is responsible in this situation and who can you file a property damage claim? Here is the advice of the best property damage lawyer in Maryland.You can recover the damagesFirst of all you should ask your property damage attorney from Maryland to contact the insurance company and file a claim with them. Most of the vehicles are covered from snow plow damages under certain policies. But not all the people can recover compensation for their damaged property. In this case, you can ask your Maryland property damage lawyer to take legal action against the municipality or the snow plow company responsible for the damage.The property damage law in Maryland allows you to get compensated for your car or mail box damage, but sometimes it may be hard to prove that the damage was done by the snow plow. There are situations where filing a claim with the city/county/state might be a good idea but it depends on the evidence you have. You should consult with your Maryland property damage attorney to see if you can file a claim against the governmental entities to be compensated.Snow plow trucks are dangerousOn average, a snow plow truck can carry roughly 15 times the weight of a normal vehicle. In addition to this, their shape and size makes it more difficult to maneuver the plow safely and control it entirely. As a result, accidents involving snow plows occur too often and may affect motorists, pedestrians, parked cars, and private property (such as mailbox). In January 2016 a person was killed after being struck by a parked car which was hit by a snow plow. If you were injured or your property was damaged by a snow plow, contact your Maryland property damage lawyer and see what compensation you can recover.For your safety, here is what you should do to avoid any potential serious snow plow truck injuries:

  • Keep a safe distance
  • Pass the road with caution
  • Scrape your head- and taillights before leaving.

According to the property damage law in Maryland, you will have to offer the court solid evidence to receive compensation. If there is anyone who witnessed the accident, don't forget to get their contact information and a witness statement about what happened. You can also call the police and ask for a copy of the police report, which is done after the accident. But the first thing and most important (if you are not hurt) is to contact your Maryland property damage attorney.For more information about snow plow truck accidents and property damage, you should contact the best property damage attorney in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email toA

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