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Filing a claim after a minor car crash Car accident injury attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

Car accidents are serious and dangerous no matter the extent of the damage. Even the tiniest damage can be quite expensive and not everybody has the financial capability to pay for medical expenses and property damages, even after a minor car crash. That is the purpose of the car insurance. But a minor car crash can lead to the following question: can you file a claim in Maryland for this type of accident? In this article, you find out what the best car accident injury attorney in Maryland has to say about this and what you should do in this type of situation.What is a minor car crash?œMinor car crash is a term created by the insurance providers and refers to a car accident in which no person was injured and the vehicles suffered minimal damage. Any car crash that you would consider a mere fender bender can be considered a minor crash. Most of the time, the drivers involved choose to settle and in very rare cases opt to seek legal course.Generally, minor accidents involving two vehicles occur at low speed and end up dealing a small amount of damage. A You may have hit some other car while backing out of a parking spot or your driveway or you hit the brake too late at an intersection and rear-ended the car in front of you. These accidents are some of the most common and usually get resolved just as fast as they happen.Follow the normal protocolBeing involved in an accident is unfortunate, but you should not let yourself persuaded by the other driver not the exchange the necessary information. You should treat this case just like you would any other type of accident. In many cases, people dot know the extent of their damages until they get home or go to the service.Exchange contact information with the other driver, as well as insurance information. Put in order a police report. You should also take pictures of the scene, the damage of the cars and their final position after the accident. Another crucial thing you should do is to ask witnesses to the accident to write a statement. You may feel pressured by the situation not to make it seem like you are preparing for a lawsuit, but having everything prepared just in case is wise. You should protect yourself and your interests if you need to go down that route. You may also contact your car accident injury attorney from Maryland and ask them if you should file a claim to receive compensation.Will my insurance rates go up?Many people are hesitant to ask their lawyer to file a claim after a minor car accident, thinking their rates will skyrocket. It is possible for your insurance rates to go up a little, but this may not be the case. It all depends on how severe the accident was and your driving record.For more information about minor car crashes, filing a claim and getting compensation you should contact the best car accident injury attorney in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email toA

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