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How to prove sexual abuse in marriage in Maryland?

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June 17th, 2016

Sexual abuse is defined as any sexual encounter without the consent of the victim and includes unwanted touching, any forced sexual activity (oral, vaginal or anal), forcing the victim to perform any sexual act, degrading or painful acts during intercourse (such as urinating on the victim, etc.), and exploitation through prostitution or photography. To help prove the sexual abuse in marriage in Maryland it is best to get the help of a sexual assault attorney from Annapolis.

The abuser can use violence to rape his/her partner or they may use enough force to control their partner's movements (force-only rape). Manipulation or coercion in the form of threats, psychological or emotional abuse can also be used, resulting in the victim submitting to unwanted sexual acts due to guilt or fear. The abuser can, for example, imply that if the victim does not submit,A they will hit the victim, or leave them for another partner. The abuser may also insist on sex after a physical attack on the victim, to prove they have forgiven the victim. Whatever the form of coercion used, financial, emotional, or physical, the sexual act that is not based on the mutual consent is considered sexual abused (according to the sexual abuse victim rights in MD).

Reporting sexual abuse in Maryland

Sexual abuse is any of the following:

  • Calling sexually derogatory names
  • Excessive jealousy
  • Forcing unwanted sexual acts
  • Criticizing a person sexually
  • Forcing a person to strip
  • Forcefully stripping a person
  • Withholding sex or affection
  • Sadistic sexual acts
  • Forcing sex after a physical assault
  • Making sex a condition of a person's good behavior
  • Using coercion to force sex
  • Forcing a person into prostitution
  • Taking unwanted sexual photos and/or sharing them with other people via different methods (direct, the internet, etc.)
  • Forcing sex when a person is tired or ill

When intercourse or any other forms of sexual behaviors are forced through violence, it is obvious that a sexual assault or rape has taken place. With the help of a sexual abuse lawyer from Maryland, you can file a sexual abuse claim in MD and receive the emotional and financial compensation you deserve. But excessive force or violence is not always a feature. This is where the lines become a little bit blurred. The sexual behavior can be more coerced rather than forced, and it is considered more as a coercive sexual abuse. Even so, with the help of a professional lawyer you can gather all the evidence you need to win a sexual abuse claim in MD.

Marital rape

When the sexual abuse occurred within the marriage, the victim can feel very confused as to whether they were raped or not. Being raped on the street by a stranger is obvious, but when it occurs within marriage, neither the victim and the abuser will not consider it legal rape (most of the time).

If there was no actual physical violence used, the abuser will deny that the rape occurred and will treat the victim as if the sexual act was done with joint consent. But reporting sexual abuse in Maryland can be easily done with the help of a sexual assault attorney from Annapolis. It is within the sexual abuse victims rights in MD to protect themselves legally.

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