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How to settle a car accident injury claim – Traffic attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

If you were involved in a vehicle accident and are wondering how to proceed in settling a car accident injury and vehicle damage claim in Maryland you’ve come to the right spot. In this article, you will receive some tips directly from one of the best traffic attorneys in Maryland, which can help you formulate a strategy for dealing with your car accident claim.

Getting started – what you need to know

In most settlement cases, indifferent if you are a victim or the liable driver, you will not have to deal directly with the other party when attempting settlement. In most cases, if you didn’t cause the accident, you will have to deal with the other driver’s insurance company. What you have to understand is that insurance companies are private businesses and may try to lower your car accident injury compensation in Maryland. That is why, it is recommended to the get the help of a car accident injury attorney from Maryland who can fight for your rights and use every legal instrument to your benefit.

At the accident scene

When dealing with a car accident, you will need certain information with can decide whether you receive in Maryland car accident injury compensation or not. You can gather this information immediately after the accident occurred, at the scene. This information is:

  • The name of the liable driver
  • The liable driver’s insurance company
  • The name of other drivers involved in the accident
  • The other driver’s insurance companies
  • The name of some people who witnessed the accident
  • Witness statements that can help your case
  • The name of the law enforcement officers who came at the accident scene

You can help your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland and increase your chances of winning by taking some photographs while still at the accident scene. You should take photos of the following:

  • The vehicles involved in the accident
  • The areas where the cars connected and the physically damaged areas on each vehicle
  • The license plate

If you want to settle a claim faster and ensure you get car accident injury compensation in Maryland, you will have to provide the insurance company with the right information. Insurance companies are not on your side and they may try to use any excuse just to pay you less then you deserve. This can be done by either arguing that you are at least partially at fault for the accident (thus reducing the value of your claim) or that you failed to provide them with sufficient information to support your claim. All this can be avoided with the help of a car accident injury attorney from Maryland who knows exactly how to deal with insurance companies.

What type of damages can be collected?

If you want to file a property damage only claim, there are some different types of damages you can collect, including:

  • Car damage
  • Personal property damage (for personal belongings damaged in the accident)
  • Vehicle rental – if you needed a vehicle while your car was being repaired
  • Out-of-pocket expenses – such as taxi fair or bus/metro/train ticket

For more information about settling your claim you can contact the best car accident injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to

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