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What to do if the tow truck driver damaged your car Best traffic attorney in Maryland

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June 17th, 2016

This situation is both ironic and tragic. It is unfortunate that you were involved in an accident in the first place, but having your car damaged by the tow truck driver your called can be infuriating. Arguably, you wouldn't have called the tow truck if not for the car accident, but the other driver cannot be held liable for the damaged caused to your vehicle. What to do in this situation? Who should pay for the damages? The best traffic attorney in Maryland is here to tell you exactly what you do so you will not lose any time nor money in this kind of situation.Document the damageIf you believe the tow truck driver damaged your car and want to protect yourself, the first thing you should do is to document the event and the damage caused. Most damages include scratches to the car exterior, dents, deflated tires, and car alignment difficulties. The best evidence you can provide to your car accident injury lawyer from Maryland is a picture of the damage. But it is important to have pictures of your car immediately after the accident. You can also ask some witnesses for statements to back up your story if you didn't think to take photos of the car before the tow truck took it.Many tow truck drivers defend themselves by saying the damages were already there and were the result of the accident. But if you have a series of photographs proving this is not true, then the tow truck driver will have to pay for the damages they have caused.Proving faultThe most important part to receive compensation in addition to the car accident injury claim in Maryland is to prove the damages were caused by the tow truck driver. This can be quite hard even for the most experienced car accident injury attorneys in Maryland. If you called for a truck at the scene of an accident it means that in fact your car already is quite damaged and can no longer run properly. The question asked in this situation is how were you able to decipher the tow truck driver's damage? and which was the damage caused by the impact?.Your car accident injury attorney from Maryland will have to show to the court exactly what damage was caused by the tow truck driver. You should know that the car accident injury claim and the tow truck driver damage claim are different from one another and can bring you separate compensation in Maryland.Payment from the towing companyYou should be able to get compensated for the damages caused by the tow truck driver by filing a claim against the driver's or their employer's insurance policy. Another factor that can affect the recovery process is whether the trucking company is a private one or is a municipal entity. Every municipality in Maryland has certain laws that state how tow truck drivers should operate as well as who should pay for the damages.For more information about what to do if the tow truck driver has damaged your car and for a free consultation of your case you can contact the best car accident injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email toA

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