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Whom should you sue for a defective products injury in Maryland?

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June 17th, 2016

If you suffered a defective products injury in Maryland and wish to recover compensation for your pain, the first thing you should do is identify which company or person might be liable. A Unfortunately, depending on the product, it could prove challenging to determine all the parties responsible for your injury. With the help of a personal injury lawyer from Maryland, you can dig up all the information necessary to get a full recovery for your wounds.

The chain of distribution

According to the defective product consumer law in MD, you have to include in your claim any and all parties involved in the chain of distribution of the product that caused your injury. The following are some types of entities that can participate in the chain of distribution for defective and dangerous products. An Annapolis injury attorney can help you identify all the components of the chain of distribution and help you formulate a product liability claim.

The manufacturer

The manufacturer of the injury-causing product is the first from the chain of distribution. The manufacturer could be an individual worker or a big multinational company. Depending on this, the insurance policy can also differ. If the defective and dangerous products were built in a big facility, you should take notice of both the manufacturer of the defective parts and also the maker of the whole product that contained the broken parts. For example, if you were injured by a motorcycle with an exploding battery, your claim is addressed against the vehicle manufacturer and the battery manufacturer (plus all other participants in the chain of distribution). With the help of an Annapolis injury lawyer, you can determine who is liable for the injuries you suffered.

The retailer

You may think the retail store where you bought your defective product is innocent, but in reality, they are responsible for selling that product. The defective product consumer law in MD states that you don't have to choose a responsible party over another. All parties involved in the chain of distribution can be defendants in your lawsuit. If you were not the person who bought the defective product, the place where that product was purchased can be held liable. If you acquired an injury-causing used product from a supplier of used goods, depending on the product, you could still sue the provider. Your Annapolis injury attorney can help you with the types of used product where the supplier can be held liable.

The distributor or wholesaler

Between the retailer and manufacturer, there can be some wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, or so-called middlemen. Any person or entity involved in the distribution of the product that injured you is potentially liable and should be a defendant in a defective product lawsuit.

Sometimes, the middleman is a corporation. Even so, the product liability law considers corporations equivalent of persons, so they can be held liable. If the companies in the chain of distribution are foreign businesses or corporations, that will not prevent you from suing them. The Annapolis injury lawyer will explain to you that if a company sells a product in a country, they have to respect that country's laws and rules.

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