Nursing Home Mental Abuse In Maryland – The Risk Factors

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Nursing home mental abuse in Maryland is a heartbreaking and revolting situation. When the people who are paid to protect and take care of our elders abuse their power, everybody has to suffer. Don’t let them get away with it – it is your right to seek the counsel of a nursing home abuse lawyer from Maryland and get justice for your loved ones.

Nursing Home Psychological Abuse in Maryland

There are many forms of nursing home psychological abuse. One of the most common is the verbal degradation of the elderly. Staff members of some nursing facilities may be verbally aggressive towards older people, may yell at them or make cruel jokes about somebody’s inability to have control over their bodily functions. More severe than verbal degradations are the threats – staff members can try to intimidate or scare elder people into doing something. For example, they may threat to isolate the senior if he or she soils the bed. Making a resident feel guilty about something, keeping them from speaking their mind or psychologically terrorizing them are also forms of direct mental abuse.

Indirect mental abuse forms are the isolation of a senior from his or her peers and even family, excluding them from social activities, and other similar actions.

Nursing Home Abuse Signs in MD

It is not always easy to tell if your loved ones are being terrorized in their nursing homes. Yes, we have a nursing home abuse law in MD that aims to prevent this kind if situations, but how can you know when it’s the case to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Maryland? How can you report nursing home abuse in Maryland if you don’t even know when it happens?

While other types of abuse, such as physical or financial abuse are more easily to detect, mental abuse is not. However, there are some nursing home abuse signs that can indicate your loved one is being terrorized by the staff. If the senior seems scared, anxious and avoids eye contact, he or she may have been the victim of abuse. Furthermore, if they exhibit a low self-esteem and have trouble eating or sleeping, it may be the time to have a serious discussion with them.

Nursing home abuse attorney in Annapolis

To report nursing home abuse in Maryland, you firstly need to talk with your loved one and persuade them into telling you the truth. You can contact a therapist and ask them how you can convince the senior that it is safe to open up to you. Once you know what is happening, it is time to act. Remove the senior from the nursing home and contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Annapolis. We will let you know what to do to receive compensation and bring the responsible party to justice. Use the nursing home abuse law in MD to protect the ones you love and prevent people from hurting them. For a free consultation on your case, you can contact us anytime at (443) 569-3950 or via email at [email protected].

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