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Everybody has probably heard of police reports even if they have never been in a car accident. But do you know what a police report is and how it looks like? You may need the police report for your car injury compensation in Annapolis. Your car injury lawyer from Annapolis can help you get the report and file your claim against the person or entity responsible for your injuries.

What is a police report?

The police report is created by the investigating officer who is called to the scene of the accident for assistance. The police report contains information regarding the vehicle collision, all the facts related to the accident (from both sides) and the opinion of the investigating officer. In this report, you will also find information about the injuries suffered by the passengers of both vehicles (or more), such as a car head injury in Annapolis.

Getting the police report

Your car accident attorney from Annapolis probably knows there are two ways of obtaining a police report. To obtain a paid copy of the police report, you have to request a copy at the local law enforcement agency. Before leaving the scene of the accident, the investigation officer should have handed you a receipt with an identification number of your car accident police report. Your car accident attorney from Annapolis can call the traffic division of the local law agency that came at the scene, pay the administrative fee and get you a copy of the police report.

If the investigating officer did not give you the identification number or you lost the receipt, you can still get it if you provide the date and location of the car accident, as well as your name, to assist in finding the report. You can also obtain a copy of the police report for free. You can ask your own insurance company to see if they already requested the report and if they did, you can ask for a copy.

You have to keep in mind that the police report may take for up a couple of weeks to be finalized. But for your lawsuit, it does not matter how you obtain the police report.

Facts vs. opinions

All the information in the police report is either fact or opinion. The time, date, and location of the accident are considered facts, as well as a car head injury in Annapolis. But who caused the collision is considered the police officer’s opinion. Everyone can have their own opinion. Even the insurance company can do an investigation and come to their own conclusion about the accident.

In some cases, the opinions of the police officer and insurance company are different. That is why in some cases the police report might be in your favor and, at the same time, the other driver’s insurance company may deny your insurance claim.

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