Proving a defective product liability claim in Baltimore, Maryland

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If a defective product injured you or caused other damages, you may file a defective product liability claim. But proving a defective product liability claim in Baltimore, Maryland, can be hard if you are not familiar with the legal requirements. That is why you should get the help of a defective product injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, which will know what you really need in order to win your case.

Your Baltimore injury lawyer will tell you that you have to prove the following elements to win:

  • The product was defective
  • You suffered losses or were injured
  • The product caused your injury
  • You used the product as instructed, in a correct way

You can try to prove all this on your own, but it can be more difficult than you imagined. In addition to this, your defective product injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland, will provide you with expert witnesses who can attest that the product is defective and that you should be compensated for your injuries or damage you suffered.

The product was defective

You must prove that the defective product in question is defective. This may depend on the type of claim you are making. In general, the types of defective product liability claims fall into three basic categories:

  • Manufacturing error
  • Design malfunction
  • Failure to warn or give accurate instructions

Your defective product injury attorney from Baltimore, Maryland can explain to you more about it and, depending on your case, suggest to you what the best strategy is.

You were injured/ suffered losses

If there is no actual injury or monetary loss, it is impossible to have a winning products liability claim. Many horrible things almost happen to us every day, but without a negative impact on your life (through injury or loss) your Baltimore injury attorney will not be able to get you the compensation you desire.

The defective product is responsible for your injury

It is not enough to prove that you were injured while using a defective product. You Baltimore injury lawyer has to demonstrate that your injury was directly caused by the defect itself. Even if you were injured using a defective product, but you used it incorrectly or your injury was not caused by the defects, then you have slight chances of receiving compensation.

Using the product as it is intended

This means that you have to use the product in the specific way the manufacturer created. This does not mean that you used the product in a wrong way when you got injured. Manufacturers expect an ordinary consumer to reasonably use a product, and if this is how you did it, then you probably met its requirements. You can ask your Baltimore injury attorney to see if you have a valid defective products claim.

For more information about how you can prove a defective product liability claim and to get a free consultation of your case, you can contact the best defective product injury lawyer from Baltimore, Maryland, at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected].

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