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No one wants to hurt themselves intentionally, but accidents happen sometimes and people get hurt. Many people slip and hurt themselves while walking or because they trip on spilled liquid. If this happens in the victim’s home or property, there is no one to blame, and all the costs of medical treatments will be sustained by the victim. But if a person gets hurt in a slip-and-fall accident because of an oil stain on someone else’s property, the property owner may have to pay compensation in Maryland. With the help of your slip-and-fall attorney from Maryland you can file an injury claim against the owner of the property. But what can you do if the accident happened on someone else’s property while you were trespassing?

Can you file a claim for an accident that happened while trespassing?

Most property owners have premises liability insurance in Maryland. If they ever need to pay slip-and-fall compensation for being negligent the insurance will cover these costs, including the costs of medical treatments, pain and suffering, lost wages and many others. But this example is applicable if the accident occurred on a public property or if you receive permission to be on the private property. What happens if you get hurt while not having permission to be on the property where the accident occurred?

According to the law, if an individual is not legally present on another person’s property, they will not be able to claim that the property owner is liable for any injuries suffered by the person trespassing. For example, imagine that two kids enter their neighbor’s property, because he has an interesting old car. If one of the kids slips on an oil stain, falls and hurts himself, the child’s family will not be able to ask for any compensation in Maryland. This happens because the kids were never allowed to be there in the first place (even if the neighbor knew about the oil stain). You should consult with your slip-and-fall injury layer from Maryland to determine if you can file an injury claim against the property owner where your accident happened.

Is there any exception to the rule?

There are some exceptions to the premises liability rules in Maryland. For example, if the two kids had previously played in the man’s garden in the past and the property owner didn’t take any action, there may be a possibility of filing a claim for negligence. In this case, even if the property owner didn’t give permission, he allowed them to play there in the past without stopping them.

Another case where a property owner may be liable is when a person sets up traps on their property against trespassers with the intent of hurting them. If the owner was not at home when the intrusion occurs, there may be a chance to get compensated.

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