Suffering of PTSD and anxiety after a car accident in Maryland

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For most people, being involved in a car accident can be traumatic and it might affect their whole life. Car accidents are violent in nature and they may put in danger the life of the driver and all the passengers present in the car. Most of the time, the drivers who’ve been involved in car accidents never get over it, and get to suffer from PTSD and  anxiety that come after this traumatic event in Maryland.  Are these two conditions grounds for seeking compensation, even though these injuries are not visible for the human eye? Here is what the best car accident injury lawyer from Maryland advises you to do.

What is PTSD?

The post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by the anxiety that develops after being involved in a traumatic event. PTSD can be crippling for some and it might alter the quality of life of any individual. There are more levels of PTSD severity and even though a person doesn’t suffer any physical injuries in a car accident, they might still be affected psychologically.

PTSD and simple anxiety

It is a normal reaction to be anxious after being involved in a car accident and especially if you plan to go behind the wheel again. The problem is that for some people this anxiety doesn’t go away, but increases in time. There are many PTSD victims who find themselves not enjoying life as they used to and individuals that become too afraid to even leave their house.  If you are suffering of PTSD and anxiety you should contact your car accident injury attorney from Maryland and file an injury claim against the person responsible and you will get compensation.

Establish a clear connection

One key element that might influence your case is the connection between the traumatic event and the emotional distress. Your car accident injury attorney from Maryland can show this connection in two ways:

  • Negligent infliction – which involves the emotional distress which resulted from a person’s negligent conduct.
  • Intentional infliction– which involves the emotional distress which resulted from a person’s outrageous and completely reckless behavior.

PTSD severity levels

People who suffer of PTSD usually feel anxious and stressed more frequently, even in completely uncalled situations. These people also have a lot of nightmares and may have problem sleeping. PTSD may also affect a person’s ability to leave home, have a stable job or even talking to other people.

PTSD is taken extremely serious and it requires medication and counseling. You can discuss with your lawyer about your problem and they might recommend you a professional medical that can give a complete diagnosis of your mental health. This will also serve as evidence in your case and your chances of receiving car accident injury compensation in Maryland may increase.

You may contact the best car accident injury lawyer in Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected] to file an injury claim.

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