The causes, effects, and treatment of an electrocution brain injury in Greenbelt, Maryland

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A person who has suffered an electrocution brain injury in Greenbelt, Maryland, may have little external evidence (no external injury) or they could also suffer severe burns. In some cases, the electric shock can even cause cardiac arrest. If you suffered an electrocution injury, you should contact your personal injury lawyer from Greenbelt, MD, file for compensation and receive the compensation you deserve.

The injuries you could suffer

The electric injuries a Greenbelt injury lawyer usually has to deal with are:

  • Electric shock stroke
  • Central nervous system damage
  • Motor neuron damage
  • Peripheral nerve damage

Those who were electrocuted could also suffer brain and spinal cord lesions. The spinal chord lesions can result in myelomalacia without any change in the blood vessels, gliosis or inflammation. And the same with the brain. If non-specific lesions occur, the gray matter could be affected. Of course, electrocution accidents could easily kill someone, from acute injuries, cerebral lesions, and cardiac arrest. If you suffered an electrocution injury, you should contact a Greenbelt injury attorney and explain to them what happened to you. Your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, can help you file an electrocution claim, represent you in court, and help you receive the compensation you need for your treatment and pain and suffering.


To this day, the method of injury is not clear, even though researchers stated the resistance to the flow of the electric current might be at fault. Demyelination is not the result of any vascular injury, and some patients present symptoms right away, while others with delay. That is why, even if you do not present symptoms right away, you should still go to the doctor and get yourself checked out and also call your Greenbelt injury lawyer for further information.


Today the technology has advanced quite a lot and not that many people suffer an electrocution accident at work or in their home. Even so, around 1000 people die each year in the US as a result to electrocution (100 deaths are attributed to lighting strikes).  Being electrocuted is extremely dangerous, and the treatments could cost a lot and last a long time. That is why you should get the help of a Greenbelt injury attorney to help you get the money you need for your recovery.

Symptoms and signs of electrocution injuries

Most of the time, the electrocution signs and symptoms occur immediately after the shock. Sometimes these symptoms are temporary, while some people will keep them for the rest of their life. Unconsciousness and amnesia are quite common after electrocution, as well as transient paralysis of limbs and parenthesis. Cerebral infarction may also occur from embolization and arrhythmia.

A few days after your accident, the disorders could start to develop, resembling different symptoms like Parkinson’s, myelopathy, cerebellar disorders, spinal muscular atrophy, and others.

Electrocution treatments

It is quite difficult to treat electrocution injuries, especially the brain injuries because doctors treat the syndromes symptomatically. There is not a specific treatment, and because of that the electrocution treatment could last a very long time and be very expensive. Your personal injury attorney from Greenbelt, MD, can help you protect your rights and get you the financial support you need.

For more information about electrocution injuries and to receive a free consultation of your care, you can contact the best personal injury lawyer from Greenbelt, MD, at: (443) 569-3950 or by email at: [email protected].


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