The Conditions For An Eligible SSD Claim In Maryland

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It takes approximately 392 days for an SSD claim in Maryland to be assessed by an administrative law judge. Out of the total number of SSD claims filed each year, only 29% of them get approved. Statistics show that 15% of the denied claims get approved at the first level of appeal – the reconsideration review. Of the remaining cases, 57% get accepted after the second level of appeal. This means that, in the end, almost 75% of the SSD claim get approved, at least partially. If you are in need of social security disability benefits in Maryland, don’t be put off by the low 15% success rate. In reality, after the first and the second appeal, most of the claims that were, initially rejected, get approved. It just takes longer. However, to file a social security disability claim, you need to take into consideration the specific SSD eligibility criteria in MD.

SSD Eligibility Criteria MD

The criteria for social security disability benefits in Maryland are very strict. You may think that your disability is proof enough that you are eligible for SSD, but, in reality, you must meet a series of requirements.

You need to prove that you aren’t able to do any substantial gainful work for which you are suited. You will be asked if you work and if your earnings exceed $1090 per month. If so, then you do not meet this condition, and you are not eligible for SSD benefits. You also need to prove that your disability will last for at least a year or that it will be fatal.

You need to have worked recently and long enough at a workplace covered by Social Security. If you are under 31 years, then the number of work credits needed will depend on your age.

Your disability needs to interfere with basic work-related activities. If, for example, you develop a hearing problem, but you are an accountant, you may not be eligible for SSD. However, when you have the same hearing problem, but you work as a call center operator, it is clear that you can’t perform your job anymore.

The Social Security Administration will also ask you if your condition can be found on their list of disabling impairments. If this is the case, then you are considered disabled. If not, this is not over. They will compare your disability with their list and continue the process.

The last thing you will need to prove is that you can’t do any other type of work when they take into account your age, skills, and experience.

SSD lawyer Maryland

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