The most common construction injury types in Southern Maryland

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Building industry today is one of the most dangerous in the world. It is true that the technology has advanced a lot and is preventing more and more people from getting hurt, but unfortunately, even with all this progress, more than 3 million construction workers are injured each year. If you suffered such an injury or you now have an illness that is the result of construction work, you can contact a personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland.

In this article, you learn more about the most common construction injury types in Southern Maryland, and this will help you decide on what your next step should be.

Injury types

Construction workers are in constant danger and could suffer numerous injuries, some less obvious than others. Becoming familiar with these injuries may help you prevent getting yourself hurt in the future. But if you already suffered an injury, you should contact a Southern Maryland injury lawyer to help you file an injury claim. With the help of your professional personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland, you will receive compensation for what you’ve suffered and get help with your recovery.


Your Southern Maryland injury attorney will tell you that the most common construction injury are the falls. Builders can fall from roods, ladders, cranes, scaffolding,  and other heights.

Falling objects

When working on a construction site, you are always at risk of being struck by a falling object, like tools, building materials, and other objects that are improperly secured. The most common injury suffered after being hit by a falling object is the brain injury. The second most common injury is the spinal injury. Both these injuries require extensive treatments which will take a long time and require a substantial financial support. Your Southern Maryland injury lawyer will help you get enough compensation so you can recover from your injury.

Equipment related injuries

Construction sites use a lot of heavy machine equipment that helps workers do their job more effectively. But these machines are also extremely dangerous for the workers. If one of these machines malfunctions, people get injured.

Fires and explosions

Hazardous conditions are putting construction workers in constant danger. Wiring, leaking pipes, flammable chemicals can cause fires and explosions that can even kill nearby people. This type of accidents is less often, but it still happens. Your South Maryland injury attorney can help you file an injury claim and get compensation for your injuries.

Repetitive motion injuries, heat stroke, and overexertion

Physical labor is required in construction work. This can also cause people injuries related to overexertion, such as heat stress, kidney damage, motion injuries, muscle damage, frostbite, joint damage, hypothermia, and death.

Respiratory diseases

In the last decade, more than 1000 people have died from pneumoconiosis, a chronic dust disease common in the construction business. This type of injury happens especially when working with asbestos dust, coal dust, and crystalline silica dust.  If you worked in such hazardous conditions, you should contact your personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland, and determine if you have a valid case.

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