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When a person gets injured by a defective product, the entity/ person responsible for the accident can be found in the chain of distribution. This can be the manufacturer, designer, retailer, supplier, distributer and many more. In this article, the best defective products lawyer in Maryland will explain to you the retailer’s liability and how to file a claim against them and recover compensation from them.

Even though the retailer had no role in manufacturing or distributing the defective product, they can be just as liable for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. The product liability law allows people to recover the damages from multiple parties when they get injured by a defective product. Generally, the party that holds the most responsibility is the manufacturer and they can be considered primary liable for the damages. Your faulty product lawyer from Maryland may not even have to prove the manufacturer’s negligence, but only that the specific product was defective, that you’ve used it appropriately, and that it has caused you an injury and/or damages.

But the liability may fall on more than the manufacturer and it is possible that retail liability may apply to your case as well.

The retailer’s role

Retailers are responsible for all the products they are selling and have to ensure these products are safe for everyday use and will not harm the consumers. In product defect claim cases in Maryland the retailer might argue they are not responsible for the defective product as they did not manufacture or designed it, so there was no way of knowing of the defect.

However, retailers are obligated to take certain measures to ensure the safety of the products they sell. This means that the retailer may be liable for the injuries you’ve suffered and could be obligated by the court to pay you defective products compensation in Maryland.

Store or retailer liability based on negligence

Sometimes, retailers negligently sell products they should have known (or already knew) are defective. This means that if a retailer sells a product that was recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), then they will be found negligent for failing to remove that product form the shelves. If you were injured by a recalled product, you should contact your faulty product lawyer from Maryland to determine if the retailer can be found liable for your accident.

If you’ve been injured by a defective product or suffered any damages, you have to option of filing a claim for compensation. The claim can be addressed against one or more entities from the chain of distribution, including the manufacturer, designer, supplier, retailer, store and many more. It is even possible for you to sue them for a second hand product. Contact your product defect attorney from Maryland to determine if you have a valid case and who is responsible for your injuries.

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