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A traffic violation ticket may seem a minor inconvenience compared to others, but, in fact, it can have severe effects on your lifestyle. The Maryland traffic law is rather strict and a single moment of not paying attention can lead to extensive fines, a significant increase in your insurance rate and the loss of your driver’s license that can also trigger the loss of your job if you are a professional driver. An excellent traffic lawyer in Annapolis is hard to find, but, luckily, you have reached the right place.

Traffic violations in Annapolis are punished harshly and, sometimes, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, which is exactly why you need somebody specialized by your side, to fight for your rights. Besides, you need to manage your fines and speeding tickets properly so that they don’t end up impacting the quality of your life. Think of it this way: a manager of a company can ignore a bad review, but he shouldn’t. A bad review may not mean much at first but, if there is no damage control, this little review could end up having devastating consequences on the business. The same can be said about traffic violations: if you don’t try to minimize the impact and manage fines properly, you could end up losing your driver’s license, and, perhaps, your job as well.

Traffic Violations In Maryland

Whether we are talking about a simple traffic ticket defense or a more severe incident, we can help you minimize the impact it has on your life. We are specialized in multiple traffic incidents, and we want to share our expertise with you.

Parking tickets can be questioned in court, depending on whether the “no parking sign” was visible or not and many other factors. The same can be said about a speeding ticket or a stop sign violation. If you have been driving without insurance or a driver’s license (inexistent or suspended), you will need our help to minimize the impact of your actions and assess the severity of your case. Running a red light, failure to yield, reckless driving, racing, eluding or other traffic ordinance violations also represent issues our seasoned traffic ticket lawyers can help you with.

Hit-and-run incidents and other severe issues can have a devastating impact on your life, so you need somebody to fight for you and minimize the consequences. We believe that human beings deserve a second chance because all of us are prone to make mistakes and panic at the moment. And the good news is that, with the help of a specialized attorney, the law can offer you that second chance.

Our Free Expertise

We offer you free consultations over the phone because we value honesty and integrity above everything else. We want you to decide that we are the best to represent your interests in a court of law, and so we offer you the means to take this decision: a free consult, no strings attached. With over 30 years of experience and a burning desire to help you get justice, we represent a unique breed of traffic lawyers in Annapolis: the ones that have your best interests in their mind.

Don’t let a traffic violation impact your life irremediably. Call or email us and let us assess your options. You will get our free expertise and the unbiased opinion of professionals who are passionate about what they do and have the skills to represent you flawlessly in a court of law.

If you require a traffic lawyer in Annapolis, give us a call at (443) 569-3950 and get our free expertise on your case.
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January 29, 2018 at 6:24 pm, Lisa M said:

I had questions about how to handle a traffic violation and called Mr. Beard for a free consultation. He answered my call himself and gave me honest information about my traffic violation and if attorney representation was necessary. He answered all of my questions and told me what to do in order to represent myself. He did not charge me any fees and saved me the $650 other attorneys wanted to charge. Mr. Beard is definitely looking out for the client and not how to line his own pockets. I strongly recommend him for his honest and straight forward legal advice and services that can save you money.


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