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Recent studies show that more than 50% of all fatal accidents occurring in the United States may be related to the poor road conditions. In Maryland, the country, state, county, and city government are bound to construct and design the roadways, but they also have to properly maintain the roads to ensure the safety of all traffic participants. If you were involved in a trucking accident, you should contact your truck injury lawyer from Annapolis and file a lawsuit against the person/entity responsible for your injuries to receive truck injury compensation.

When roads are too dangerous

Generally, most roads in the US are constructed, maintained and designed well. But unfortunately, because of poor construction, lack of maintenance, and poor weather conditions some roads may be deemed dangerous.  For example, if a road has a poor design, all the dangers can become apparent only after it is used.

Insufficient merging space, the lack of traffic signs, unsafe construction areas, and poorly maintained roads represent big hazards to the vehicles on the road and can be a ground for truck injury compensation in Annapolis. Big rigs, tractor-trailer trucks, logging trucks and others are prone to accidents due to their large size and weight, especially due to unsafe conditions. Furthermore, if such a vehicle is traveling at a high speed, an accident is more likely to happen and cause serious injuries (including a truck accident injury disability in Annapolis) or even fatalities.

Determining whether a road is hazardous and unsafe may prove to be difficult. That is why you should seek counsel from the best semi-truck accident lawyer in Annapolis. Pursuing your claim against a federal, state, or local government entity is extremely complex and your attorney should be familiar with the laws that refer to the maintenance, road design, and the rules and regulations of commercial trucks. This will increase your chances of receiving truck injury compensation in Annapolis.

Hiring a truck injury attorney

If you were injured or badly hurt (truck injury disability in Annapolis) in a truck accident which you believe resulted from unsafe roadways, consult with a truck accident lawyer. Your lawyer will provide you with experts that can help you determine exactly what caused your accident and also act as expert witnesses in your case. In most cases, it is crucial to have an expert witness presenting the scientific evidence which will prove the truck accident was not your fault.

It is recommended to contact the lawyer as soon as you can. You can call immediately after the accident if can. There are a series of things you can do to increase your chances of winning your case, such as taking pictures of the accident and position of the vehicles, pictures of the skid marks, and talk to any witnesses that can provide a witness statement.

For more information about poor road conditions and big vehicle crashes you can contact the best semi-truck accident lawyer from Annapolis at (443) 569-3950 or send an email to [email protected]. Free consultation on your case.

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