Ways to Fight a Maryland Traffic Ticket

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There is no such thing as a sure thing in a courtroom, but there are a number of options to consider when looking at avoiding a guilty verdict with a Maryland traffic ticket. In fact, a judge may find that even simple questions cast doubt on a case. It helps to follow these steps, but even with them, a Maryland traffic ticket lawyer can make success much more likely:

1) Take immediate notes of the situation – There are a number of factors that affect an officer’s determination of a vehicle’s speed. The radar guns are required to be calibrated on a regular basis, so if your speedometer reads significantly lower, a Maryland traffic citation lawyer may be able to question that. Also take note of what traffic looked like at the time. For example, if a large truck was behind you, the radar gun usually tracks the largest object, which would put the speed in question.

2) Note any traffic issues – Maryland judges often frown on drivers who are “keeping up with the flow of traffic.” it may be enough to note that a rapidly approaching car forced you to speed up to be able to get into another lane. In addition, the state highway administration notes that target enforcement should begin above 10 MPH over the listed speed limit, so any extenuating factors could help within that range if a Maryland speeding ticket lawyer.

3) Prepare evidence against all “subjective” claims – For the most part, outside of conditions listed above, it may be difficult to fight a Maryland traffic ticket. However, those that involve careless or aggressive driving can be very damaging. They can tack on double the points as well as hundreds of dollars. In that case it is important to note the flow of traffic as well as how you were driving. An experienced Maryland traffic citation lawyer can help with this strategy.

4) Show up – Police officers from any jurisdiction have to attend court outside of regular working hours. If they are pulled away from a court appearance, the judge will usually have to dismiss the charge because the officer cannot testify.

Of course, these steps will all help, but the best bet for success is to contact a Maryland speeding ticket lawyer. They may be able to cite precedents or develop strategies to reduce the fines or points, if not get claims dismissed in their entirety.

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