Were you bitten by a Pit Bull in Southern Maryland? – Similar compensation cases in the USA

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It is extremely dangerous to get bitten by a dog and many people in the US die because of it each year. Up until recently, if you were bitten by a dog you had less legal options in Maryland. But the state of Maryland has finally recognized the dangers dogs may pose to people, especially children, which are the ones that are the most frequent dog bite victims. If you were bitten by a Pit Bull in Southern Maryland you now can receive compensation from the owner easier. With the help of personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland, you can file a dog bite claim and bring the negligent owner to justice.

Dogs are territorial and aggressive

Your Southern Maryland injury attorney knows that in the last decade, among all the dog bites reported, Pit Bull attacks account for 62% of the total, of which 203 Americans have lost their lives. Dogs are territorial animals and may defend their territory aggressively. Dog owners should be aware of this, especially with certain dog breeds, such as Pit Bull, Rottweilers, Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, and others.  If you were bitten, you should take the case seriously because even if your bites were not that major, the same dog may bite someone else in the future and if the dog owner is negligent, a human can lose their life. With the help of your Southern Maryland injury lawyer, you can prevent this from happening.

Similar Pit Bull Dog Bite Cases and Verdicts

  1. In 2010, a negligent owner let his two Pit Bulls unleashed in DeKalb County and they attacked the neighbor’s 8-year-old girl. The girl was gravely injured and barely survived. Part of her left arm had to be amputated, she partially lost her right arm and also suffered serious wounds to both her ankles. The jury agreed that the dog owner failed to control and secure the dog and decided to award the family $37 million in compensations. You too can receive compensation if you have a Southern Maryland injury attorney by your side to protect your rights.
  2. In 2013 in Washington, another brutal Pit Bull attack took place. This time an elderly lady who was simply walking down the street in her neighborhood was attacked by two Pit Bulls. She suffered grave injured and needed to be hospitalized to treat her wounds, but because of the grave injuries she suffered and her advanced age, she had a heart attack and died. The family of the deceased moved forward with the case and the jury ruled against the Pit Bull owner, resulting in a $1.12 million verdict. If you lost a family member because of dog bites, you can still contact a personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland and ask for compensation.


You can contact a Southern Maryland injury lawyer to discuss the details of your case and decide if your claim is valid. In most cases, you did nothing wrong and your personal injury attorney from Southern Maryland will establish the best plan for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

For more information about dog bites you can contact the best personal injury lawyer from Southern Maryland at (443) 569-3950 or send an email at [email protected] and you will receive a free consultation of your case.

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